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Musical excellence combined with Digital Networking and the incredible SD Memory Card bring you the most powerful Single Keyboard ever.

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Listen to the awesome KN7000 sound quality in the demo section or to our Technics Keyboard Musicians. Learn about Technics Styles compatibility. Take the KN7000 tour!

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More Technics Instruments

These links will take you to pages with content that is compatible with your instrument. Check the Instruments Menu and Members Area for additional content too.

ALL_TECHNICS_TIME_WARP_300.pngFancy a KN7000?

KN7000 Styles  for Your Technics Keyboard!

Our Time Warp Styles Series has 220 Technics KN7000 Styles, converted for you to play on your KN keyboard, Digital Ensemble and Organ.

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kn7000.jpgWelcome to

The Technics sx-KN7000 was one of the last keyboards made by Technics and the official website disappeared after the closure of the Electronic Musical Instruments Division (EMID).

We have restored the original site as faithfully as possible. Besides Styles & Software downloads we will be adding information and tip sheets. Our Blog is packed with additional information and ideas for you.

The Links page has websites with software for playback from the KN7000 SD card, other types of music software and other interesting pages related to the instrument.





Getting the most from your Technics keyboard

An Advanced Guide for KN7000, KN6500, KN6000, KN2600, KN2400, PR804, PR604, PR54, PR903, PR703 & PR603

Includes Phil Leader's original Foreword.

Detailed explanations, tips and hints for hundreds of instrument features

Full Colour, professionally bound digital printing. Over 90 pages

Special Members Area with hundreds of Styles, Free Software, Special Offers and additional information

Read about the first in our series of books for Technics keyboards - COMING SOON



KN7000 User Manual

Technics KN7000 User Manual, Reference Guide (including KN7000 MIDI information), List of Technics KN7000 Styles and the original KN7000 sales brochure.

Technics KN7000 Manuals >>

KN7000 Demos

The KN7000 built-in Demos and other samples are available on our Demo page. Hear the amazing sound of the Technics KN7000.

KN7000 Demos Page >>


Listen to Musicians playing Technics instruments


New and Coming Soon!

Discover what's ahead on the KN7000 websites, incredible features are planned - Check them out Here

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Songs to Styles for KN7000, KN6500, KN6000, KN5000, KN2600, KN2400 & More!

The app works on computer, tablet and mobile phone. Click on the pictures below to see screenshots from a mobile phone.

Songs to Technics Styles Web App

Select styles to suit popular songs with our FREE Web App.

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 This is Version 4.0 of our Technics Keyboards Songs to Styles App.

Now supports all instruments from KN750 onwards with up to 2500 song choices!

Please give feedback within the App (suggestion page).


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