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The KN7000, KN6500 and KN6000 are compatible with the Technics EW range of expansion boards. KN7000 can have up to four installed, doubling the already massive sample memory. KN6500 and KN6000 can have two installed and a special board is available for the KN6000 called EW65NX to give it the same sounds as the KN6500.

KN7000 Wave Expansion Boards

A dedicated EW Expansion button on the panel makes finding the sounds a breeze!

Technics Wave Expansion cards:.

ew01nx_200x172.jpg ew02nx_200x170.jpg
ew03nx_200x174.jpg ew04nx_200x174.jpg

The sounds on the boards can also be saved in Memory, giving a very close approximation to the expansion card sounds, so owners who don't have the cards are also able to use these sounds.

Additionally, these Memory group sounds can be loaded by KN2600, KN2400, PR804 and PR604 giving owners access to expansion board Sounds.

FREE Conversions of the Sounds are available to download.

About These Expansion Card Pages

  • This page contains brief information about each expansion card
  • Sub-Pages have detailed reviews of each board (linked on the left-hand menu and at the bottom of this page)
  • Sub pages to the reviews have the Free sounds available for download (linked on the left-hand menu and at the bottom of this page)
  • The Free downloads are also duplicated in the Members Area, centralised for your convenience

Technics EW01NX Pop Production board

ew01nx_200x172.jpgThe Technics pop production wave expansion board can be used with the Technics SX-KN7000 keyboard and future NX sound-compatible products that have an expansion slot.

This expansion board broadens the scope of your KN7000 dramatically by adding high quality sounds that bring Pop, Jazz or Latin music - in fact popular music of almost any era - to life!

Review of the SY-EW01NX Expansion Card

EW01NX Sounds are available to download here - Technics Keyboards FREE Downloads

Sound Highlights


The NX Sound wave expansion board adds sound parameters and completely new Dynamic PCM samples to your KN7000. Several instrument families related to pop music are represented among the 236 cool new sounds including a newly recorded Stereo sampled Grand Piano, a vintage Electric Piano from the 1960s and resonant acoustic guitars.


Numerous vocal sounds add to the KN7000s existing library, including Vocal Patterns with catchy rhythmic phrases at various tempos. A myriad of new brass instrument sounds featuring a variety of muted brass effects adds spice to any performance

Drum Kits

Percussion is also well represented with Latin Percussion reproducing the incredible clarity and expressive nuances of the original performances. The new Club Drum Kit collection features 5 different drum kits per octave. The potential is limited only by your imagination!

7no -  Jazz Grand, Pop Grand, Bright Grand

9no - Dynamic Wurly, Synthetic Piano, EP Fusion

10no - Stereo Folk Guitar, Hard Nylon Guitar

14no - Rockman Guitar, Funk Solid Guitar, Chorus Guitar

9no - Mellow Strings, Texture Strings, Combined Strings

19 Girl Yeh, Girls Bah Bap, Boy Dow, Boy Bah Bap

40no - Do Yeh Bah Bap, Do Yeh Baaaa, Ooh Bah Do Bap

13no - Jazz Samba Organ, Fat Rock Organ, Jazz Tubes

20no - Cup Mute Trumpet, Dixie Trombone, Bucket Mute Trombone

10no - Brass Texture, Impact Synth Brass, Wet Synth Brass

10no - Dynamic Soprano, Bright Tenor Sax, Attack Flute

17no - Fingered E.Bass, Clean E.Bass, Picked Jazz Bass

20no - Rockman Lead, Mini Roots, Click Lead

20no - Sweepener, Pomp Synth, Synth Orch Pad

10no - Whisper, Crowd, Rolling Mallet, Ra-Ta-Ta-Tat

8no - Club Kit 1/2, Studio Kit, Timbales & Bells, Shakers Kit

Technics EW02NX Movie Production board

ew02nx_200x170.jpgThe Technics SY-EW02NX Movie Production Wave Expansion Board can be used with Technics SX-KN7000 keyboards, as well as with future NX sound-compatible products with an expansion slot. The SY-EW02NX broadens the scope of your KN7000 dramatically by adding an expansive pallet of realistic, high quality sounds that bring movie soundtracks - from the classics to new releases - to life! Also included are several orchestral sounds such as stereo strings, brass and woodwind. Now you can play music that sounds like a movie soundtrack!

Sound Highlights


Includes orchestral, brass band and other mixed sounds, such as "Epic Fanfare", "Movie March Brass" and "Gothic Hit".


Includes Celtic musical instrument sounds, such as "Uillean Pipes", "Celtic Unison" and "Atlantic Lament".


Includes fun sounds and special effects like those used for scary scenes in suspense movies, such as "Breaking Glass", "Spooky Violins" and "Suspense Set".


For expressive performances there are stereo string sounds, such as the atmospheric "Stereo Basses", as well as string-and- female-chorus combos like "Tremolo Cello" and "Female Vocals".

38 Stereo Basses, Stereo Celli, Stereo Violas, Stereo Violins, Tremolo Celli, Female Vocals, Arco & Pizz, Orchestration

18 Stereo OrchBrass, Bass Trombone, Euphonium, Orch Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet, Baritone Horn, Orch MuteTrumpet

16 Orch Clarinet, German Oboe, Contra Fagotto, Fagofto, Love Theme Reeds, Mysterious Theme

10 Expr.Orch Kit, Orch Glocken, Tam-Tam, Timpani Roll, Tambourine Set, Triangle Set

20 Uillean Pipes, Low Whistle Soloist, Celtic Unison, Ceilidh Band, Oceanic Symphony, Atlantic Lament, Celtic Melody

14 Breaking Glass, Scary Hammer, Space Poles, Psycholin, Spooky Violins, Suspense Set

20 Epic Fanfare, Movie March Brass, Gothic Hit, Epic Proportions, Swashbuckling, Hit & Applause, Hit & Choir

16 Spacy Pad, Spiritual Vox, Theyve Landed, Cineramic, Brass Chariots

20 Guitar 007, Tack Piano, Williams Horns, Horner Voices, Barry Strings, Rain Song Mix, Silent Movie

14 Gong Scrape, Banshee Wind, Bouncing Ball, Cartoon Fall, Atmos Low, Captain Slog, Fifties Sci-Fi

Technics EW03NX Vintage Keyboards Board

ew03nx_200x174.jpg246 high-quality NX sounds from the vintage era including Vintage Keys demo songs on disk.

Sound Groups: Electric Piano, Electric Organ, Synth Lead, Synth Pad, Synth Bass, Synth Strings, Synth Brass, Synth Perc, Synth FX, Dance.



Technics EW04NX Super Sound Selection board

ew04nx_200x174.jpg186 high-quality NX sounds from different genres including demo songs on disk.

Sound Groups: Jazz Guitar, Rock Guitar, Vocal, Vocal Patterns, Sax & Brass, Drum & Perc, Harp & Strings, Organ , Synth Perc & Pad, Effects.



Technics EW01NX Demo

Technics Keyboard Wave Expansion Boards: Technics EW01NX Demo

Technics EW01NX Review

Technics Keyboard Wave Expansion Boards: Technics EW01NX Review

Technics EW01NX Free Downloads

KN7000 Free Sounds downloads: Technics Expansion Board EW01NX for KN7000, KN6000 and KN6500

Technics EW02NX Review

Technics Keyboard Wave Expansion Boards: Technics EW02NX Review

Technics EW02NX Free Downloads

KN7000 Free Sounds downloads: Technics Expansion Board EW02NX for KN7000, KN6000 and KN6500

Technics EW03NX Review

Technics Keyboard Wave Expansion Boards: Technics EW03NX Review

Technics EW03NX Free Downloads

KN7000 Free Sounds downloads: Technics Expansion Board EW03NX for KN7000, KN6000 and KN6500

[VIP] Cool Sounds

Floppy Disk Files for KN7000 KN6500 KN6000 KN2600.KN2400 PR902 PR702 PR602

Technics EW04NX Review

Technics Keyboard Wave Expansion Boards: Technics EW04NX Review

Technics EW04NX Free Downloads

KN7000 Free Sounds downloads: Technics Expansion Board EW04NX for KN7000, KN6000 and KN6500. SY-EW04 "Super Sound Selection" Broadens the acoustic and traditional sound possibilities of your KN7000/6500/6000 keyboard. Extensive range of Vocal, Guitar, and Sax tones.

KN7000 Sounds Series 1

KN7000 Sounds Series 1: 200 FREE Sounds for your KN7000

[VIP] Cool Sounds SD

SD Card Files for KN7000 & KN2600.

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