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Technics EW02NX Review

Technics Keyboard Wave Expansion Boards: Technics EW02NX Review

Technics EW02NX Movie Production board

ew02nx_200x170.jpgThe EW02 Sound Expansion Board for the KN6000, KN6500 and KN7000.

The SY-EW02NX was produced for the KN6000 but equally applies to the KN6500 and KN7000 keyboards.

The Technics Movie Production Wave Expansion Board can be used with the Technics SX-KN6500/6000 as well as with future NX sound-compatible instruments with an expansion slot.

This expansion board broadens the scope of your KN6000/6500 dramatically by adding high quality sounds that bring movie soundtracks - from the classics to new releases - to life!

Also included are several orchestral sounds such as stereo strings, brass and woodwind. Now you can play music that sounds like a movie soundtrack!

EPIC MOVIE: Includes orchestral, brass band and other mixed sounds, such as ‘Epic Fanfare’, ‘Movie March Brass’ and ‘Gothic Hit’.

CELTIC SCORE: Includes Celtic musical instrument sounds such as Uillean Pipes, ‘Celtic Unison’ and ‘Atlantic Lament’.

SUSPENSE MOVIE: Includes fun sounds and special effects like those used for scary scenes in suspense movies such as ‘Spooky Violins’ and ‘Suspense Set’.

STRINGS & VOCALS: For expressive performances there are stereo string sounds, such as the atmospheric ‘Stereo Basses’, as well as string-and-female chorus combos like ‘Tremolo Cello’ and ‘Female Vocals’.

The Sounds are available to download here - Technics Keyboards FREE Downloads

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