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Sound Innovation

Your collection of sounds is now even wider with the addition of many new samples, recorded especially for the KN7000. For example, there are many new male vocal sounds including a great falsetto, recreating pop vocals of the sixties. And there's a great new range of Folk Guitar sounds, which you'll hear strumming in many of the KN7000's accompaniment patterns.

Sound Innovation

There are new Soloist sounds too with Harmonica and Baritone Sax as well as Jazz Organ, and the rhythm section has no fewer than five additional drum kits (making a total of 41) including a new Live Standard Kit and Live Brushes Kits. The Accordion Register has been expanded too, including German, Italian and French types.

Sound Sense

The KN7000 offers a superb range of studio quality DSP effects and mixing to match any musical production needs. Don’t worry if this seems too "hi tech" for you, the KN7000 can take care of everything! To match this CD quality production the KN7000’s 5 speaker system produces dazzling highs with great separation, warm mid ranges and deep resonant bass with its bass speaker and rear facing bass port.

However you play

The KN7000 is designed with creativity in mind. Ease of use is catered for with the superb wide screen colour display. Use detailed editing features for sound, rhythms and sequences or let the KN7000 do it all for you! If you record in a studio or perform on stage you’ll love the separate assignable outputs and wide ranging controller options. Most of all we think you’ll love the way the KN7000 sounds.

Play It With Style

The Music Stylist provides a library of over 1000 registrations matched to the 220 Rhythm Patterns. Finding the Style you want is easy with "category", "era" and "alphabetical" sorting. And the new Organ Stylist is your window on the world of vintage organ registrations. You can even create and name your own Styles and store them in the Custom Stylist. They’ll stay there even after you switch the power off.

Your Band Awaits

220 Rhythm Patterns with up to 8 parts provide you with a CD quality accompaniment to your performance. Whether you're a home player or a pro, the KN7000's intuitive system ensures your chord progressions are followed smoothly and musically.

There are two completely new Rhythm groups which invite you to play hits of the Sixties and Seventies, or if you're feeling even more nostalgic, to explore the world of organ music from Ballroom to Latin and from Showtime to Blues.

There are patterns for many special musical styles, but if you are just looking for great 8 Beats, 16 Beats or Pop Ballads the KN7000 has it covered too. A huge number of patterns are completely new and optimised for the KN7000's speaker system, making the KN7000 the most broad ranging KN yet.

Great musicians from around the world have created a wide musical palette for you. But it doesn't stop there. Create and store up to 23 of your own rhythms at a time, or load new ones from software. Or download patterns from the Internet and upload them directly to the KN7000 from your PC via USB!

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