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Re: Fair Market Value Of A Technics KN7000 10

I couldn't agree with you more in every respect. Regarding Tyros, they are incredible keyboards there is no disputing that and in our 2 Minute Survey [url=]here[/url] I can tell you that over 50% of part…

KN7000: Prize Draw

KN7000 Prize Draw: Enter our FREE Prize Draw to win incredible Technics Keyboard Software or accessories for your keyboard from Strawberry Music!
Technics KN7000 and PR604 / 804 On Screen Music Here's an example of some of the great software you could choose as a Prize Draw Winner, available exclusively from…

Henk Baars

Technics Keyboard Recordings by Henk - Beautiful, inspirational improvisations by Henk on Technics KN1600
About Henk See Henk's Article - Click Here NB - You can click the Youtube Menu icon below to choose from the Playlist Henk Baars on Technics KN1600

Re: Fair Market Value Of A Technics KN7000 9

Hi A lot of interesting comments above, I guess the real answer is that it's worth what you need to pay for it depending on how much you want it. I did a 300 mile round trip after purchasing on on EBay a few months back and it was well worth it. Th o…


Carefully selected items such as KN7000-tested SD Cards, interesting Music Books and Software, for all Technics keyboard owners. Shop with Amazon UK & Europe Support our site, benefit from fast delivery, low prices (exactly the same price as on Amazon's site) and absolutely secure Amazon…

Re: sd card with recorded songs

Hello Jim, There are certainly ways to transfer everything over to the S950, which is a great keyboard. KN7000 can export Technics songs to MIDI for import into the S950, or you can record Audio direct to your PC and then play it back via USB stick, or…

sd card with recorded songs

Hello there technics kn7000 , great site , I have a vintage kn 7000 , I call it vintage because over the years it has defenitely taken some knocks as I am a working entertainer and the keyboard has a lot of mileage clocked up and like me is breaking down,…

KN7000: Extreme Expansion!

Your KN7000 has astonishing sounds and adding Technics expansion cards gives you even greater options but our blog today talks about incredible Virtual Instruments, including a unique innovation, new to the market!
KN7000 Expansion: Adding Virtual Instruments It might seem unusual to be reading about a new keyboard in a Technics KN7000 blog but the brand new Native Instruments Komplete…


Technics KN7000: Premium Arranger Workstation Keyboard with astonishing sounds, extreme sound editing and advanced MIDI features.

Select a Keyboard

This page has links to Styles and info for Technics Keyboards

I'm very proud to introduce our

I'm very proud to introduce our first Technics Musician to you all. Al makes great use of the KN7000's styles and I especially like 'Till There Was You' as it is one of my favourite songs and I'm also a bigband fan. Beautiful recordings Al, thanks for …


An overview of what the software does and how you will use it.

Technics Composer: Creating a Special Custom Part

KN7000 Composer Tutorial. This in-depth article explains some of the many editing functions available in the Composer. Many of these functions are available in the other Technics Arranger Workstations. Great thanks go to Bill for sharing this superb featu…

Halo semua dari Indonesia

Halo semua dari Indonesia, Saya harap Anda mengerti pesan saya (Google Translate). Ada banyak pengunjung setiap hari dari Indonesia. Kami harap Anda akan saling membantu di sini. Kami akan membantu juga jika mungkin. Nikmati website!

George Basnett's Corner

Download Procedure for converted Technics composer patterns, Notes on Orchestration settings & Performance and George's Way with Sound Edits.

Re: Panel Memory

Hello, thank you for your reply. I have the manual in French , hand I can not find answer to my problem , which I repeat here: When using the panel memory , sound and rhythm are assigned some time, from a N° to another, always in the same place , but no…

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