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Technics SX-AX7 User Manual, MIDI Manual and Reference Guide

We received a request today for a Technics SX-AX7 User Manual. The AX7 page has been updated and the three manuals are now available for download. Technics SX-AX7 User Manual, Technics SX-AX7 MIDI Manual and Technics AX-7 Reference Guide. Post your questi…

Technics KN1000 Styles

Technics KN1000 Styles: Converted from: SOLTON - YAMAHA - ROLAND - KORG etc.

Bill Norrie

Technics KN7000 Recordings by Willum: Bill is well-known to many of us in the Technics world. His website has been a mainstay of Technics Keyboards info for us for as long as I can remember and his input into our understanding of our instruments can not b…

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Carefully selected items such as KN7000-tested SD Cards, interesting Music Books and Software, for all Technics keyboard owners.

Re: sd card with recorded songs

Hello Jim, There are certainly ways to transfer everything over to the S950, which is a great keyboard. KN7000 can export Technics songs to MIDI for import into the S950, or you can record Audio direct to your PC and then play it back via USB stick, or…

Bill's Downloads

Technics KN7000 Downloads from Willum: Styles and Recordings by Bill Norrie are collated on this page.

technics kn whether the product

technics kn whether the product will be developed again. but the factory was already no longer production, whether Technics KN8000 be launched

New Pages and a New website for Technics Keyboards!

As many of you know, we're adding and editing new pages into this site on a regular basis. I prioritise pages when members have requested manuals or information for their keyboards and other instruments so if you have a particular requirement just let me …

Re: Panel Memory

Hi again. I wish I could reply in French for you. If the Panel Memory settings on Page 65 of the French manual are all correct I think the problem might be the Music Style Arranger. Check Page 62 of the French manual. It explains how to change the M…


KN-SDExplorer Tutorial: Make a BACKUP of the SD Card, which is in your Card Reader, in a folder on your PC.

Prize Draw

Enter our Prize Draw to win incredible Technics Keyboard Software or accessories for your keyboard from Strawberry Music!

AL AndersoN

Technics Keyboard Recordings by Al Anderson: Al has KN7000, KN5000 and Tyros 2 arranger keyboards and with over 600 recordings under his belt (I figure that to be almost two months of non-stop recording sessions) I think you can virtually consider him to …


This page is created to give you some useful Technical KN info.

Technics PR50V User Manual

We received a request today for the SX-PR50V User Manual. The page has been updated and the PR50V user manual is now available for download. Please post your reviews or comments about this digital ensemble here for the benefit of other owners, to as fo…

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