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Step 4: Copy individual Styles to SD Card

Video: Copying the Technics keyboard Styles to an SD Card

Click the link below to see the video.

Copy Technics Keyboard Styles to SD Card

Video: Copying Individual Technics Keyboard Styles to SD Card

This step is only for KN7000 and KN2600 owners because only these keyboards can read SD Cards.

You must have the demo version of KN-SDExplorer software installed on your PC.

You must format the SD Card in your KN7000 (or KN2600) AND you must Save something to it using your keyboard (it doesn't matter what you Save). This initialises the SD Card.

Click Here to get KN-SDExplorer (Opens in a New Window)

  1. Open the folder on your PC that contains the Styles you have downloaded
  2. Separately, open "My Computer" (it is called "This PC" in Windows 8 and Windows 10)
  3. Your SD Card must be inserted in your PC
  4. Right-Click on your SD Card and select "Explore SD Card". This runs KN-SDExplorer. If you have Windows 10, press the Windows key on your computer keyboard and type "KNSDE", you will then see the program in the list and you can click on it to run it.
  5. Make folders on the SD Card so that you can copy the Styles to them
  6. Right-click the Style and select Copy. Click in the SD-Explorer window, then Right-click and paste
  7. Repeat Step 5 until all the Styles you want are on the SD Card
  8. Notice how I work in reverse order so that the files are eventually placed in the correct order
  9. Notice that I'm using the Free demo version of KN-SDExplorer and how I re-start the program when necessary
I could now take this SD Card to my KN7000 and LOAD the Style that I want.

In the next video we will copy many files to an SD Card in a single operation.