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KN7000 Survey

We hope you are enjoying our websites at and and will help us out by participating in a short survey to help us to improve the sites and features:

Please join in our 3 short surveys below to help support the websites:

Quick Surveys

We are considering developing some small apps to support the KN7000 on smartphones and tablets. Would this be of interest to you?
No, I wouldn't use a KN7000 app.
Yes, if it was Advert Supported.
Yes, I would pay a small fee for a KN7000 app.
Only if the app was free.
I don't know.
Did you know that our KN7000 websites work automatically on smartphones and tablets?

2 Minute Survey

If you don't have a KN7000 choose answers that suit your setup.

This survey is completely anonymous, so if you want us to contact you back you need to add your email address in the last field.

Thanks for participating! Your survey will be emailed to us when you press 'Submit'