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Links to partners and other websites of interest to fans of Technics instruments.

Our sister site, with Technics KN7000 information, tips & hints, software downloads and reviews -


The KN-SDExplorer software is a must-have for all KN7000 owners. This software enables you to copy Technics files conveniently from your PC to SD card and vice-versa - KN-SDExplorer

Kenneth Gundersen's forum is an excellent resource for KN7000 information -

Willum's Pages

Willum's Website is a treasure-trove of Technics KN7000 information -

Style Disk Warehouse

 See also Strwaberry Music. Superb commercial styles, MIDI files and software for your KN7000 -

Strawberry Music

Don't you just love the name? Neil's site sells software and accessories for all Technics keyboards such as the KN7000, KN6500 and KN6000 right back to the KN2000 and KN5000 and earlier models. These include Patterns and Registrations disks, SD cards, Playalong disks and Performance Pads. Highly recommended! -

Synth Zone (Technics Zone)

Synth Zone has a wealth of information for all keyboard players. Their Technics Zone has links to many useful Technics Keyboard resources - SynthZone (Technics Zone)


Keyboard Player Extraordinaire

Roger M's site has demos of his highly accomplished KN7000 playing, details of the radio show and some astonishingly realistic tribute acts -

Tribute Artists

A team of artists who provide the Tributes to 14 famous female singers from the past 50 years, supported by Roger's fantastic KN7000 sounds! -

Colin Pratt

Colin's website has useful information for KN6500 owners, much of which is applicable to KN7000. Great tips, high quality recordings and we love Colin's Uke! -

Günter's website supports the KN3000 keyboard and his information is helpful for KN7000 owners. An english version is also available (click the flag) -


An Indonesian website with information for many instruments.

Their KN7000 section has hundreds of styles for the KN7000 - KN700 Styles - There are also sections for other Technics keyboard styles.

The Technics section has many useful articles for you - Technics Keyboards - When visiting the site many of you will be able to right-click and use Google Translate to see the site in your language.

The German language forum for Technics keyboard (& Yamaha Motif) players is an incredible source of help and information. Whether you're looking for assistance with software, playing, tips & hints or Styles, Musiker Lanze's forum is a destination you should visit, you'll be sure of a warm welcome and good advice.

 You can see below that Google Translate works well on the forum, language is no barrier today!