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KN7000 File: .tm

The .tm file is to save your edited Sounds. Each .tm file can contain 40 sounds and drum kits.

Technics Keyboard .tm file

TM.jpgSOUND EDIT enables you to create your own new Sound (instrument) by altering one of the KN7000's preset Sounds. Your new sound can be stored in one of the sound memory locations.

You can edit in detail, like a synthesizer, or you can use EASY EDIT which allows you to quickly change some basic parameters.

When you edit DRUM KIT sounds you can specify the individual percussion instrument you wish to edit.

The range of sound editing features on the KN7000 is truly astonishing and much under-utilised. If you can imagine a sound then you can create it!

Spend some time with the EASY EDIT functions in order to understand some of the changes you can make. When you're familiar with that you can progress to more in-depth editing, for example you can listen to a recording of a famous instrumentalist and aim to re-create their individuality, or conjour up a sound from your imagination!

Data can be loaded to and from a specific Sound Memory (SINGLE LOAD).

Tip: Save your favourite Sounds in a .tm file regularly

Sounds take time and effort to create so you don't want to lose them.

Edit commercially-available sounds to examine the paramaters used by their creator in order to learn how to incorporate similar effects with your own Sounds.