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Mike (Admin)

Technics KN7000 Recordings from Mike. Happy Christmas!

A Note from Mike

It's many years since I made any recordings but for the last few years I've wanted to make a Christmas CD for the family. This year I decided that enough was enough so I got on with it!

So, these recordings are part of a much larger set but these are the ones I've had time to finish this holiday season. Some are built from scratch and others lean heavily on MIDI for help and they have taken about six weeks to pull together.

I had hoped to include more from the 1964 Rudolph movie because they are our favourites but that proved to be too much for this year due to time constraints... it is my mission for Christmas 2015.

I hope you enjoy the recordings, my aim was to show off how the KN7000 can sound rather than how well (or not) I can play!

I call it my "Ave Merry Christmas" CD.

Happy Holiday,

PS the tracks are split over two pages, let each page load for a few seconds before playing

Click Here for Christmas Music Part 2