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Technics Re-launched: What Next?

Oct 24, 2014

Some of you might have missed last month's Technics Re-launch...

And you would be forgiven for that! Technics officially re-opened for business with a series of high-end audio products, with systems reportedly starting at £4,000 and £53,000 respectively!


But Who's at the Helm?

Well, here she is: Renowned Japanese jazz pianist Michiko Ogawa, now the Director of Technics!

Pianist Michiko Ogawa

You might ask yourself, who better to launch the Technics brand in 2014? Perhaps Technics is once again ready to take personal music seriously!

The new Technics products will be available this December in Europe and with the petition to re-introduce Technics turntables having well over 12,000 likes on Facebook, surely a turntable will be high on the agenda... and who knows what next??!

Technics Starts Again

Michiko Ogawa opens Technics 2014

Playing a modern jazz number to open the Technics re-launch, Michiko Ogawa put her stamp on teh Technics brand... and I couldn't help but imagine her technically dexterous performance to be the demo of a new Technics Digital Piano! Doesn't it have the feel of one of those demos?

No doubt we will see more products at a more affordable price in the near future. To find out more and sign up for news, visit the official Technics website.

Another link with with Michiko Ogawa playing shows her affinity with a style of music that many of you know and love - Michiko Ogawa It's All About Love

And another video for your interest:

Michiko Ogawa

(Could have turned down the reverb on that one maybe)

Whatever Next?!

Whilst you're here - check out our new article by Tony Pegler! and don't forget to enter the Prize Draw to win Technics goodies!

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