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Styles Series R1

Technics KN5000 Files: Compatible with KN1400 KN1600 PR602 PR702 PR902


Styles Series R1

FREE Styles for your Technics keyboard. These conversions from the fabulous Roland G-70 sound amazing on Technics, giving you some great new Rhythms from many genres.

Each Style has an associated Current Panel file to set up the tempo for you. Styles are in alphabetical order.

Current Update

285 Styles - Beta

11th April 2015

Styles Series R1 Status

This is a BETA collection. There are some issues with the Styles (for example, the intro never ends in a few of them!) and they need to be re-balanced.

I'm looking for volunteers to help with putting the Styles into genres, doing some re-typing of written material and creating Panel Memories.

Important: Leave your feedback in the comments box or in a forum and in particular please let me know of any issues you find with particular Styles so that I can fix them.

ZIP File - Free Styles for Technics KN5000 and compatibles.

PDF File - listing the Styles for printing or reference.