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Technics KN3000 Instructions

Technics KN3000: How to Load Composer Files

Technics KN3000 Help

Our article by JD5live explains how to load the CMP files in our downloads into your KN3000.


Started playing Hammond,many years ago,worked in the music trade and engineering,now have fun with my KN7000

Loading Technics KN3000 Styles

Step 1: Insert disk into Disk Drive.

Step 2  Press "Memory & Control" button, this will display the "Memory and Control page".

Step 3  Press the "Disk Load" button, this will now display the " Disk Load option" page, now press " Floppy Disk Load "

Step 4: After a short pause the display " Floppy Disk Load " will show.

Step 5 Using the up and down buttons  next to right-hand side of the screen, select which style you require, then press " LOAD "

Step 6  After a short delay the screen will display " COMPLETED". Then after a few seconds you will be returned to the normal playing screen

Step 7: To select the new style press " Memory " in the " Rhythm Group " .


1 - If the style is just a style composer file it will show " CMP." after the name in step 5, this will only load the style into composer memory,This does not set the Panel Memories,Tempo,or Volume set up. Refer to the PDF downloads for the original tempos.

2 - If the style has registrations included it will show " ALL " after the name in step 5, this will included the Panel Memories,Tempo, and all other settings.

3 - If you download just a composer file note this does not switch on the "Auto Play Chord " automatically.