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About KN7000

At the heart of the KN7000 is a powerful sound engine with 128 note polyphony, shaping the 64 Mbytes of samples to bring you over 1200 sounds. "Soloist" sounds feature detailed nuances of virtuoso musicians performances and "Live" drum kits bring you the full resonance of live percussion. You’ve never had it so real!

An All In One Musical Solution: Technics KN7000


Musical excellence combines with Digital Networking and the incredible SD Memory Card to bring you the most powerful KN Keyboard ever. Add to this Technics’ design ingenuity and legendary ease of use and the stage is set for something remarkable.

Outstanding Musical Performance

Sound Quality: A Technics Tradition

Dynamic PCM means that the sounds you hear are literally digital recordings of real instruments. But Technics samples only top session musicians and demands the best from them to bring you sounds that are dynamic, expressive and inspiring.

Vintage Organ

Organ sounds are enduringly popular and in tribute to this the KN7000 has a battery of Organ related sounds and features. Digital Drawbars are joined by new, exquisitely sampled B3 and rotary speaker sounds recreating the classic tone wheel sound. And the all new Organ Tabs feature gives you detailed control over organ footages with a choice of European Electronic Organ, USA Electronic Organ and Theatre Pipe Organ.

Each organ type is set up with a suitable rotary speaker effect and in the case of Theatre Pipes, separate tremulants for three sections of the organ. With detailed samples of the original instruments and meticulous effects settings it’s never been easier to play great organ sounds on a keyboard!

Enjoy playing bass pedals? Just add a set of Midi bass pedals, set the Midi input switch from Midi to Bass Pedals and brush up your footwork!

NX Sound: Technics' Sound Format

The NX Sound Format ensures compatibility with Previous Technics products, GM and GM2 and many other Industry software.




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RolfReese My name is Rolf Reese. I own a KN2000 and KN7000
I play by ear and use Basic cords only I have made several attempts to become familiar with the operating instructions of the user manual,which I find simply too complex to follow and frustrating.
I love the instrument. And would like to be able to progress by learning fingered cords,which I watch most
keyboard musicians are using and get some advise which parts of this complex instrument not to be confused
by for now anyway.
Everybody says that the Technics are the easiest instrument to play on. Maybe so. But I am a beginner on this
Instrument with very little previous piano/keyboard experience only with a good ear for music.
Any help to put me on the right path,would be appreciated.
Posted on March 11, 2017 at 11:57 PM
admin Hi Rolf,

Make a post in one of the Forums about things you are needing help with and we'll see what we can do. There will be lots of help coming on the websites over the course of the next year, from beginner to advanced and it's always good to know what people need help with. Just press the Forums link at the top of the website and post your needs there.

Best wishes,
Posted on March 12, 2017 at 8:25 PM
ka3teo I have a KN7000 and find that I cant load any custom memory anymore, I tried factory initiation by holding down the top 4 buttons in the rhythm group for the factory initiation. using the factory initiation disk did not help. I think it is a rom problem. and I do not know how to reset the rom. if the is anyone out their with any help my email is [email protected] my name is Marvin Navarre and I live in Allentown Pennsylvania U.S.A
Thank you
Posted on February 02, 2018 at 12:29 PM
L.Garrett Marvin, You may be unable to reset properly because,you are holding down the wrong buttons.
Turn off the keyboard. Hold down -60s/70s ..Modern Dance and Soul& R&B Switch on the keyboard while holding the buttons down.You will get a message on the blank screen to confirm factory reset. Hope that helps. L.G.
Posted on April 29, 2018 at 6:18 PM
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