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Technics EW01NX Free Downloads

KN7000 Free Sounds downloads: Technics Expansion Board EW01NX for KN7000, KN6000 and KN6500

Technics EW01NX Pop Production board

ew01nx_200x172.jpgFREE Sounds from the Pop Production Expansion Board

The Pop Production board is a very convenient way of accessing new sounds on your keyboard. However, these sounds can be loaded into your sound Memory group if you don't own the expansion card.

We're starting this downloads series with 228 Sounds plus 8 User Kits from the Pop Production board. The 'Pop Production TM files contain these 228 sounds for loading into your KN7000, KN2600 or KN2400 in groups of 40. They load in to the Memory Sound Group. User Kits load into the Drum Kits Sound Group.

Don't forget to send us your feedback using the Contact page or the comments box below. If you are enjoying these 228 FREE sounds and 8 Drum Kits, we'll continue the series with more Free sounds.

TM File Contents: Sounds & Drum Kits

The full list of Sounds and Drum Kits is available below. You can also download a PDF file listing the contents. Each TM file contains one Drum Kit, so the Sounds in files 1 and 2 are duplicated in files 7 and 8 in order to bring you the additional Drum Kits.

40 FREE Sounds from the Pop Production Expansion Board

40 FREE Sounds from the Pop Production Expansion Board

40 FREE Sounds from the Pop Production Expansion Board

40 FREE Sounds from the Pop Production Expansion Board

40 FREE Sounds from the Pop Production Expansion Board

28 FREE Sounds from the Pop Production Expansion Board

40 FREE Sounds from the Pop Production Expansion Board

40 FREE Sounds from the Pop Production Expansion Board

File Reference List of EW01NX Sounds (PDF)

Download & Usage Notes

You must be logged in to download.

Right-click the file and 'Save As'

Many thanks to Willum for pointing out that the original filename would not load in all circumstances. The File has been re-named to 01POPPRD.TM so if you don't use KN-SDExplorer please rename your file or re-download.

Once the new sounds are loaded into SOUND MEMORY, the Sound Memory can then be saved to SD Card for future use.

To load a single Sound, go to Page 3 on the Technics KN7000 LOAD Screen

KN2400 & KN2600 Owners

The KN7000 sounds files load into your keyboard and sound exactly the same as the expansion cards. Enjoy the free sounds!

KN6000 & KN6500 Owners

If you own one of the expansion cards we need your help, please contact us.

NB - You can click on the file names in the table below to expand or contract the table.

Technics KN7000 Expansion Card Sounds - FREE Downloads

OriginOriginal Sound GroupTechnics EW01NX: Pop Production
01POPPRD.TMDrum KitsUser KitClub Kit 1
01POPPRD.TMPiano1Jazz Grand
01POPPRD.TMPiano2Empire Grand
01POPPRD.TMPiano3Pop Grand
01POPPRD.TMPiano4Bright Grand
01POPPRD.TMPiano5Full Grand
01POPPRD.TMPiano6Thin Grand
01POPPRD.TMElectric Piano8Top Of The Wurl
01POPPRD.TMElectric Piano9Well it’s a Piano
01POPPRD.TMElectric Piano10Dynamic Wurly
01POPPRD.TMElectric Piano11Smooth Wurly
01POPPRD.TMElectric Piano12Hard Wurly
01POPPRD.TMElectric Piano13Synthetic Piano
01POPPRD.TMElectric Piano14EP Fusion
01POPPRD.TMElectric Piano15Morphed E.P.
01POPPRD.TMElectric Piano16Big SynthClavi
01POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar17Folk Guitar
01POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar18Stereo Folk Guitar
01POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar19Smooth Folk Guitar
01POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar20Bright Folk Guitar
01POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar21Wide Folk Guitar
01POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar22Hard Nylon Guitar
01POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar23Smooth Nylon Gtr
01POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar24Resonant FolkGtr
01POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar25Harmonic FolkGtr
01POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar26Silver Strings
01POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar27Rockman Guitar
01POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar28Funk Solid Gtr
01POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar29Flange Guitar
01POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar30Funky Strat
01POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar31Police Guitar
01POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar32Chorus Guitar 1
01POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar33Chorus Guitar 2
01POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar34Chorus Guitar 3
01POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar35Mono Chorus Gtr
01POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar36Dynamute Guitar
01POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar37DistortionGuitar
01POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar38Guitar Buzz
01POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar39Blues Distortion
01POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar40Power Chord
02POPPRD.TMDrum KitsUser KitClub Kit 2
02POPPRD.TMStrings1Mellow Strings
02POPPRD.TMStrings2Studio Strings
02POPPRD.TMStrings3Texture Strings
02POPPRD.TMStrings4String Consort
02POPPRD.TMStrings5Simply Strings
02POPPRD.TMStrings6Combined Strings
02POPPRD.TMStrings7String Padding
02POPPRD.TMStrings8Dramatic Strings
02POPPRD.TMStrings9Le Violon Rouge
02POPPRD.TMVocal10Girl Yeh
02POPPRD.TMVocal11Girls Bah
02POPPRD.TMVocal12Girls Bap
02POPPRD.TMVocal13Girls Bah Bap
02POPPRD.TMVocal14Girls Bah Yeh
02POPPRD.TMVocal15Boy Dow
02POPPRD.TMVocal16Boy Bah
02POPPRD.TMVocal17Boy Dow Da
02POPPRD.TMVocal18Boy Bah Bap
02POPPRD.TMVocal19Boy Doo Dow
02POPPRD.TMVocal20Choir Aahs
02POPPRD.TMVocal21Wide Aahs
02POPPRD.TMVocal22Vocal Mmm
02POPPRD.TMVocal23Jazz Humming
02POPPRD.TMVocal24Baroque Scat
02POPPRD.TMVocal25Da Dow Scat
02POPPRD.TMVocal26Doodle Babble
02POPPRD.TMVocal27Voice Synthetics
02POPPRD.TMVocal28Vintage Vox
02POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns29DoYehBap1 120
02POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns30DoYehBaBap1 120
02POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns31DoYehBap2 120
02POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns32DoYehBaBap2 120
02POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns33DoYehBaaaa 120
02POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns34Ooh-BahDoBap 120
02POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns35Bah-BapDoBap 120
02POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns36BahBap-BaBap 120
02POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns37BapDoBap-Bap 120
02POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns38BaBap-BaBap 120
02POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns39DoYehBap1 136
02POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns40DoYehBaBap1 136
03POPPRD.TMDrum KitsUser KitStudio Kit
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns1DoYehBap2 136
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns2DoYehBaBap2 136
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns3DoYehBaaaa 136
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns4Ooh-BahDoBap 136
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns5Bah-BapDoBap 136
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns6BahBap-BaBap 136
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns7BapDoBap-Bap 136
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns8BaBap-BaBap 136
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns9DoYehBap1 104
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns10DoYehBaBap1 104
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns11DoYehBap2 104
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns12DoYehBaBap2 104
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns13DoYehBaaaa 104
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns14Ooh-BahDoBap 104
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns15Bah-BapDoBap 104
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns16BahBap-BaBap 104
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns17BapDoBap-Bap 104
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns18BaBap-BaBap 104
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns19DoYehBap1 88
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns20DoYehBaBap1 88
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns21DoYehBap2 88
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns22DoYehBaBap2 88
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns23DoYehBaaaa 88
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns24Ooh-BahDoBap 88
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns25Bah-BapDoBap 88
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns26BahBap-BaBap 88
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns27BapDoBap-Bap 88
03POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns28BaBap-BaBap 88
03POPPRD.TMOrgan29Jazz Samba Organ
03POPPRD.TMOrgan30Fat Rock Organ
03POPPRD.TMOrgan31Fat Dist Organ
03POPPRD.TMOrgan32Jazz Tubes
03POPPRD.TMOrgan3316' & 5 1/3'
03POPPRD.TMOrgan34Slow Rotations
03POPPRD.TMOrgan35Bad Organisation
03POPPRD.TMOrgan36Jazz Drawbars
03POPPRD.TMOrgan37Theatre Warble
03POPPRD.TMOrgan38Sweet Theatre
03POPPRD.TMOrgan39Fabulous Fox
03POPPRD.TMOrgan40MellowTone Organ
04POPPRD.TMDrum KitsUser Kit70's Kit
04POPPRD.TMOrgan1Ritz Reeds
04POPPRD.TMBrass2Cup Mute Trumpet
04POPPRD.TMBrass3Dance Band Mutes
04POPPRD.TMBrass4Trumpet Cup Wah
04POPPRD.TMBrass5Gentle Trumpet
04POPPRD.TMBrass6Dixie Trombone
04POPPRD.TMBrass7Hard Trombone
04POPPRD.TMBrass8Harmon Mute Tbn
04POPPRD.TMBrass9Bucket Mute Tbn
04POPPRD.TMBrass10Horns & Bones
04POPPRD.TMBrass11Dynamic Trombones
04POPPRD.TMBrass12Brass Cups
04POPPRD.TMBrass13Sizzle Brass
04POPPRD.TMBrass14Forties Mutes
04POPPRD.TMBrass15Brass MuteUnison
04POPPRD.TMBrass16Mute Ensemble
04POPPRD.TMBrass17Mute Ensemble 2
04POPPRD.TMBrass18Tight Pop Brass
04POPPRD.TMBrass19Motion Brass
04POPPRD.TMBrass20Low Brass Sfz
04POPPRD.TMBrass21Jazzy Musak
04POPPRD.TMSynth Brass22Syntax Brass
04POPPRD.TMSynth Brass23X Brass Lead
04POPPRD.TMSynth Brass24ImpactSynthBrass
04POPPRD.TMSynth Brass25Sphynx Brass
04POPPRD.TMSynth Brass26Brass Texture
04POPPRD.TMSynth Brass27Analogous
04POPPRD.TMSynth Brass28Wet Synth Brass
04POPPRD.TMSynth Brass29SynthHornSection
04POPPRD.TMSynth Brass30Warm Brass
04POPPRD.TMSynth Brass31Synth Trumpet
04POPPRD.TMSax & Flute32Dynamic Soprano
04POPPRD.TMSax & Flute33Lyrical Soprano
04POPPRD.TMSax & Flute34Hard Alto Sax
04POPPRD.TMSax & Flute35Fusion Alto Sax
04POPPRD.TMSax & Flute36Bright Tenor Sax
04POPPRD.TMSax & Flute37Flute
04POPPRD.TMSax & Flute38Attack Flute
04POPPRD.TMSax & Flute39Flute Ethnicity
04POPPRD.TMSax & Flute40Dyna Flute
05POPPRD.TMDrum KitsUser KitResonant Kit
05POPPRD.TMSax & Flute1Muzak Flutes
05POPPRD.TMBass2Fingered E.Bass
05POPPRD.TMBass3Clean E.Bass
05POPPRD.TMBass4Picked Jazz Bass
05POPPRD.TMBass5Bantu Bass
05POPPRD.TMBass6Marco Bass
05POPPRD.TMBass7Struck Bass
05POPPRD.TMBass8Hype Bass
05POPPRD.TMBass9Floating Bass
05POPPRD.TMBass10Basic M Bass
05POPPRD.TMBass11Synth Stab Bass
05POPPRD.TMBass12Earthy Bass
05POPPRD.TMBass13Boa Bass
05POPPRD.TMBass14Ahh Bass
05POPPRD.TMBass15Cool Synth Bass
05POPPRD.TMBass16Synth Tuba
05POPPRD.TMBass17Q Bass
05POPPRD.TMBass18Dist Q Bass
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead19Wormhole Lead
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead20Synth Stack
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead21Phazy Shark
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead22Spiky Buzz
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead23Rockman Lead
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead24Solid Lead
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead25Bantu Synth
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead26Dance Synth
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead27Poly Block
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead28Handy Saw
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead29Click Lead
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead30Mini Roots
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead31Dirty Square
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead32Cat Lead
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead33Dissed Auction
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead34Disynthegrate
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead35Zee Synth
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead36Struck Analogy
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead37Vimtage Harp
05POPPRD.TMSynth Lead38Vintage Harp Oct
05POPPRD.TMSynth Pad39Sweepener
05POPPRD.TMSynth Pad40Time 2 Touch
06POPPRD.TMDrum KitsUser KitRock Kit
06POPPRD.TMSynth Pad1Sharp Pad
06POPPRD.TMSynth Pad2Ice Pad
06POPPRD.TMSynth Pad3Synthvocal Pad
06POPPRD.TMSynth Pad4Pomp Synth
06POPPRD.TMSynth Pad5Dance Stack
06POPPRD.TMSynth Pad6Hold Me & Push
06POPPRD.TMSynth Pad7Bad Dream
06POPPRD.TMSynth Pad8Starlights
06POPPRD.TMSynth Pad9Mallet Dream
06POPPRD.TMSynth Pad10Vintage Voice
06POPPRD.TMSynth Pad11Vox Deco
06POPPRD.TMSynth Pad12Airy Synth
06POPPRD.TMSynth Pad13Voltage Control
06POPPRD.TMSynth Pad14Paddy Rich
06POPPRD.TMSynth Pad15Fuzzy String Pad
06POPPRD.TMSynth Pad16Synth Orch Pad
06POPPRD.TMSynth Pad17Synth Orchestra
06POPPRD.TMSynth Pad18Digit
06POPPRD.TMEffects21Rolling Mallets
06POPPRD.TMEffects22Nutshell Tree
06POPPRD.TMEffects23Reverse Crash
06POPPRD.TMEffects24Rumble Noise
06POPPRD.TMEffects25Multi Scratch
06POPPRD.TMEffects26Short Scratch
06POPPRD.TMEffects27Hit Stack
06POPPRD.TMBlank29Blank (Grand Piano)
06POPPRD.TMBlank30Blank (Grand Piano)
06POPPRD.TMBlank31Blank (Grand Piano)
06POPPRD.TMBlank32Blank (Grand Piano)
06POPPRD.TMBlank33Blank (Grand Piano)
06POPPRD.TMBlank34Blank (Grand Piano)
06POPPRD.TMBlank35Blank (Grand Piano)
06POPPRD.TMBlank36Blank (Grand Piano)
06POPPRD.TMBlank37Blank (Grand Piano)
06POPPRD.TMBlank38Blank (Grand Piano)
06POPPRD.TMBlank39Blank (Grand Piano)
06POPPRD.TMBlank40Blank (Grand Piano)
07POPPRD.TMDrum KitsUser KitTimbales & Bells
07POPPRD.TMPiano1Jazz Grand
07POPPRD.TMPiano2Empire Grand
07POPPRD.TMPiano3Pop Grand
07POPPRD.TMPiano4Bright Grand
07POPPRD.TMPiano5Full Grand
07POPPRD.TMPiano6Thin Grand
07POPPRD.TMElectric Piano8Top Of The Wurl
07POPPRD.TMElectric Piano9Well it’s a Piano
07POPPRD.TMElectric Piano10Dynamic Wurly
07POPPRD.TMElectric Piano11Smooth Wurly
07POPPRD.TMElectric Piano12Hard Wurly
07POPPRD.TMElectric Piano13Synthetic Piano
07POPPRD.TMElectric Piano14EP Fusion
07POPPRD.TMElectric Piano15Morphed E.P.
07POPPRD.TMElectric Piano16Big SynthClavi
07POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar17Folk Guitar
07POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar18Stereo Folk Guitar
07POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar19Smooth Folk Guitar
07POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar20Bright Folk Guitar
07POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar21Wide Folk Guitar
07POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar22Hard Nylon Guitar
07POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar23Smooth Nylon Gtr
07POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar24Resonant FolkGtr
07POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar25Harmonic FolkGtr
07POPPRD.TMAcoustic Guitar26Silver Strings
07POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar27Rockman Guitar
07POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar28Funk Solid Gtr
07POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar29Flange Guitar
07POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar30Funky Strat
07POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar31Police Guitar
07POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar32Chorus Guitar 1
07POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar33Chorus Guitar 2
07POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar34Chorus Guitar 3
07POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar35Mono Chorus Gtr
07POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar36Dynamute Guitar
07POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar37DistortionGuitar
07POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar38Guitar Buzz
07POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar39Blues Distortion
07POPPRD.TMElectric Guitar40Power Chord
08POPPRD.TMDrum KitsUser KitShakers Kit
08POPPRD.TMStrings1Mellow Strings
08POPPRD.TMStrings2Studio Strings
08POPPRD.TMStrings3Texture Strings
08POPPRD.TMStrings4String Consort
08POPPRD.TMStrings5Simply Strings
08POPPRD.TMStrings6Combined Strings
08POPPRD.TMStrings7String Padding
08POPPRD.TMStrings8Dramatic Strings
08POPPRD.TMStrings9Le Violon Rouge
08POPPRD.TMVocal10Girl Yeh
08POPPRD.TMVocal11Girls Bah
08POPPRD.TMVocal12Girls Bap
08POPPRD.TMVocal13Girls Bah Bap
08POPPRD.TMVocal14Girls Bah Yeh
08POPPRD.TMVocal15Boy Dow
08POPPRD.TMVocal16Boy Bah
08POPPRD.TMVocal17Boy Dow Da
08POPPRD.TMVocal18Boy Bah Bap
08POPPRD.TMVocal19Boy Doo Dow
08POPPRD.TMVocal20Choir Aahs
08POPPRD.TMVocal21Wide Aahs
08POPPRD.TMVocal22Vocal Mmm
08POPPRD.TMVocal23Jazz Humming
08POPPRD.TMVocal24Baroque Scat
08POPPRD.TMVocal25Da Dow Scat
08POPPRD.TMVocal26Doodle Babble
08POPPRD.TMVocal27Voice Synthetics
08POPPRD.TMVocal28Vintage Vox
08POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns29DoYehBap1 120
08POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns30DoYehBaBap1 120
08POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns31DoYehBap2 120
08POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns32DoYehBaBap2 120
08POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns33DoYehBaaaa 120
08POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns34Ooh-BahDoBap 120
08POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns35Bah-BapDoBap 120
08POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns36BahBap-BaBap 120
08POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns37BapDoBap-Bap 120
08POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns38BaBap-BaBap 120
08POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns39DoYehBap1 136
08POPPRD.TMVocal Patterns40DoYehBaBap1 136

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erieeedoang Hi Admin..
whether in existing kn7000 all EW01NX Pop Production sound board?
Posted on July 18, 2016 at 9:04 PM
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