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Technics EW03NX Free Downloads

KN7000 Free Sounds downloads: Technics Expansion Board EW03NX for KN7000, KN6000 and KN6500

Technics EW03NX Vintage Keyboards board

ew03nx_200x174.jpgFREE Sounds from the Vintage Keyboards Expansion Board

The Vintage Keyboards board is a very convenient way of accessing new sounds on your keyboard. However, these sounds can be loaded into your sound Memory group if you don't own the expansion card.

The Vintage Keyboards board has 246 Sounds. The TM files contain these sounds for loading into your KN7000, KN2600 or KN2400 in groups of 40. They load in to the Memory Sound Group.

Don't forget to send us your feedback using the Contact page or the comments box below. If you are enjoying these FREE sounds we'll continue the series with more Sounds.

EW03NX Sounds for KN7000, KN2600 & KN2400

Note: A few sounds in files 4, 5, 6 and 7 don't match the originals, or don't play.

40 FREE Sounds from the Vintage Keyboards Expansion Board

40 FREE Sounds from the Vintage Keyboards Expansion Board

40 FREE Sounds from the Vintage Keyboards Expansion Board

40 FREE Sounds from the Vintage Keyboards Expansion Board

40 FREE Sounds from the Vintage Keyboards Expansion Board

40 FREE Sounds from the Vintage Keyboards Expansion Board

6 FREE Sounds from the Vintage Keyboards Expansion Board

File Reference List of EW03NX Sounds (PDF)

Download & Usage Notes

You must be logged in to download.

Right-click the file and 'Save As'

Save the file to SD Card or Floppy Disk and then load on your keyboard.

KN-SDExplorer is also a convenient tool for managing your Technics files.

To load a single Sound, go to Page 3 on the Technics KN7000 LOAD Screen. Using this method you can compile your own TM files containing your favourite Sounds.

KN2400 & KN2600 Owners

The KN7000 sounds files load into your keyboard and sound exactly the same as the expansion cards. Enjoy the free sounds!

KN6000 & KN6500 Owners

If you own one of the expansion cards we need your help, please contact us.

Technics KN7000 Expansion Card Sounds - FREE Downloads

File NameOriginal Sound GroupTechnics EW03NX: Vintage Keyboards
01VINKEY.TMElectric Piano1Suitcase 73
01VINKEY.TMElectric Piano2Raw Suitcase
01VINKEY.TMElectric Piano3Both Worlds E.P.
01VINKEY.TMElectric Piano4Soft & E.P.
01VINKEY.TMElectric Piano5Ring Mod E.P.
01VINKEY.TMElectric Piano6Stereo Suitcase
01VINKEY.TMElectric Piano7Bell Suitcase
01VINKEY.TMElectric Piano8Clavi
01VINKEY.TMElectric Piano9Claviport 1
01VINKEY.TMElectric Piano10Modulated Clavi
01VINKEY.TMElectric Piano11Analog E.P.
01VINKEY.TMElectric Piano12Fusion E.P.
01VINKEY.TMElectric Piano13Chime E.P.
01VINKEY.TMElectric Piano14Tremolo Soft EP
01VINKEY.TMElectric Piano15Analog Piano
01VINKEY.TMElectric Piano16Two Funky
01VINKEY.TMElectric Piano17Fake Clavi
01VINKEY.TMElectric Piano18Claviport 2
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ19Chorale Organ
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ20FastRotorBright1
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ21FastRotorBright2
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ22FastRotorBright3
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ23Organ Flutes
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ24Home Organ Jazz1
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ25Home Organ Jazz2
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ26E Theatre 1
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ27E Theatre 2
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ28All The Eights
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ29Slow Rotor Organ
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ30FastRotorAccomp1
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ31FastRotorAccomp2
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ32FastRotorAccomp3
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ33Flutes & Reed
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ34SchmaltzyFlutes1
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ35SchmaltzyFlutes2
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ36Organic Profit
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ37Twin Jazz B
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ38Noisy Jazz B
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ398 Flute
01VINKEY.TMElectric Organ408 & 4 Flutes
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ18,4 & 2 Flutes
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ28,4,2.3 & 2 Flutes
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ38,4,2.3 & 1 Flutes
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ416 & 4 Flutes
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ516 & 2 Flutes
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ616 & 1 Flutes
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ716,8 & 4 Flutes
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ816,4 & 2 Flutes
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ916,4,2.3,1.6 Flutes
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ10Odd Harmonics
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ11Zizzy Theatrics
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ1260s Pop Organ
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ13Flat Spin Organ
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ1416,8,4&2Flutes
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ1516,8,4,2.3&2Flutes
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ1616,8,4,2.3,2&1Flutes
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ17Lush Theatrics
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ18Tierce T Organ
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ19Rotary & Vibrato
02VINKEY.TMElectric Organ20In The Ballpark
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead21Moo Square
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead22Take The Pulse
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead23Arping On
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead24Be There Or Be..
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead25101 Der Full
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead26Pro Unison
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead27A Simple Sign
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead28Whystle
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead29Velo Ramp
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead30E & I Solo
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead31Mini Tri
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead32Solo Duke
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead33Squared Solo
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead34Lucky Man
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead35Tri Tra Synth
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead36Square Pot
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead37AfterTheLoveSolo
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead38XL Pulse
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead39L.A. Lead
02VINKEY.TMSynth Lead40Sand Lead
03VINKEY.TMSynth Lead1Fusion Flute
03VINKEY.TMSynth Lead2Froggy Synth
03VINKEY.TMSynth Lead3Sour Funk Lead
03VINKEY.TMSynth Lead4Crystal Lead
03VINKEY.TMSynth Lead5Sine Leader
03VINKEY.TMSynth Lead6LFOrion
03VINKEY.TMSynth Lead7Mellow Solo
03VINKEY.TMSynth Lead8Prophy Lead
03VINKEY.TMSynth Lead9Ramp Lead
03VINKEY.TMSynth Lead10Brass Lead
03VINKEY.TMSynth Lead11Metal Saw Lead
03VINKEY.TMSynth Lead12Analog Lead
03VINKEY.TMSynth Lead13Synth Pizz Lead
03VINKEY.TMSynth Lead14Synth Reed Lead
03VINKEY.TMSynth Lead15OldSkool Lead
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad16Soft Saw Pad
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad17PWM Pad
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad18Big Pro Pad
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad19Background Pad
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad20Out Ray Just
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad21Circuit Pad
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad22Epic Pop Synth
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad23Keeping Busy
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad24Be In The Sky
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad25New Dream
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad26Free Man 2 Dream
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad27PWM Strings
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad2870s Pomp pad
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad29Silver Pad
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad30Desert Light
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad31PWM Waveboard
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad32Holding Pad
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad33Dreamscape
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad34Slide String
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad35Phase Width
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad36Square Pad
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad37Filter Pad
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad38Wow Pad
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad39Jam Jarre
03VINKEY.TMSynth Pad40Info Pad
04VINKEY.TMSynth Pad1Expansive
04VINKEY.TMSynth Pad2Queasy Listening
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass3Synth Bass 1
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass4Synth Bass 2
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass5Synth Bass 3
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass6Synth Bass 4
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass7Resobasstic
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass8Noisy Bass
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass9Oh Be Bass
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass10Synth Bass Gtr
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass11Fat Pro Bass
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass12Phat City Bass
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass13Bass 4 U
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass142 Hand Bass
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass15VeloBasser
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass16Bass Tart
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass17Creaky Depths
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass18Mod Acid Bass
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass19Nu Skool Bass
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass20Sexy Bass
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass21Pulse Bass
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass22Layer Bass
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass23Fat Synth Bass
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass24One Oh Won Bass
04VINKEY.TMSynth Bass25Fat Square Bass
04VINKEY.TMSynth Strings26Symphonizer
04VINKEY.TMSynth Strings27Ana String Sweep
04VINKEY.TMSynth Strings28Moo 6 Strings
04VINKEY.TMSynth Strings29Big String Synth
04VINKEY.TMSynth Strings30Free Strings
04VINKEY.TMSynth Strings315th Strings
04VINKEY.TMSynth Strings32Simple Synth Str
04VINKEY.TMSynth Strings33Old String Synth
04VINKEY.TMSynth Strings34Multi Man Combi
04VINKEY.TMSynth Strings35Big String Sweep
04VINKEY.TMSynth Strings36L-R Sweep Strings
04VINKEY.TMSynth Strings37Stiff Strings
04VINKEY.TMSynth Strings38Hyper Solo Strings
04VINKEY.TMSynth Strings39Mild Strings
04VINKEY.TMSynth Brass40D'you Know Brass
05VINKEY.TMSynth Brass1Filter Brass
05VINKEY.TMSynth Brass2Profit By Five
05VINKEY.TMSynth Brass3Vintage Horns
05VINKEY.TMSynth Brass4Synth Reeds
05VINKEY.TMSynth Brass5Mute Synth Brass
05VINKEY.TMSynth Brass6Wet Prophet
05VINKEY.TMSynth Brass7Hard Seq. Brass
05VINKEY.TMSynth Brass8Pulse Horn
05VINKEY.TMSynth Brass9Tight Horns
05VINKEY.TMSynth Brass10Simply Brass
05VINKEY.TMSynth Brass11Spongy Saw
05VINKEY.TMSynth Brass12Paen Brass
05VINKEY.TMSynth Brass13Jump Brass
05VINKEY.TMSynth Brass14Knight In Castle
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc15Planet Synth
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc16Carib Synth
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc17Perc Synth
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc18Organic Synth
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc19Baroque Synth
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc20Synth Pizz
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc21Shining Star
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc22Super Joopie
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc23Shorty
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc24Popcorn
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc25Synth Wah Perc
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc26TightSquareWheel
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc27Seq.Perc.1
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc28Seq.Perc.2
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc29Seq.Perc.3
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc30Square Bell
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc31Funky Town
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc32New Asia
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc33I Wonder, If...
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc34More Popcorn
05VINKEY.TMSynth Perc35Needle Perc
05VINKEY.TMSynth FX36Multi Hit 1
05VINKEY.TMSynth FX37Multi Hit 2
05VINKEY.TMSynth FX38Multi Hit 3
05VINKEY.TMSynth FX39Multi Hit 4
05VINKEY.TMSynth FX40Multi Hit 5
06VINKEY.TMSynth FX1Alien Hammer
06VINKEY.TMSynth FX2Resonance Scream
06VINKEY.TMSynth FX3Be Afraid
06VINKEY.TMSynth FX4Synth Trek
06VINKEY.TMSynth FX5Chinese Takeaway
06VINKEY.TMSynth FX6Afterlife
06VINKEY.TMSynth FX7Plate Hit
06VINKEY.TMSynth FX8Satellite
06VINKEY.TMSynth FX9Wintery
06VINKEY.TMSynth FX10 Old Sample
06VINKEY.TMSynth FX11Deep Fog Pulse
06VINKEY.TMSynth FX12Unusual Film
06VINKEY.TMSynth FX13Broken Stardrive
06VINKEY.TMSynth FX14Alien Chords
06VINKEY.TMSynth FX15Odd Sine Solo
06VINKEY.TMSynth FX16Space Jungle
06VINKEY.TMSynth FX17Movie Bed
06VINKEY.TMSynth FX18Drunken Cats
06VINKEY.TMDance19Knives Piano
06VINKEY.TMDance21Dance Hit 1
06VINKEY.TMDance22Dance Hit 2
06VINKEY.TMDance23Dance Hit 3
06VINKEY.TMDance24Bass Hit
06VINKEY.TMDance25Low Dance Synth
06VINKEY.TMDance26Modern Acid
06VINKEY.TMDance27Trance Synth
06VINKEY.TMDance28Dance Chord
06VINKEY.TMDance29Mix Madness
06VINKEY.TMDance30Old Mini
06VINKEY.TMDance31Deep Strings
06VINKEY.TMDance32Dynamic Arpeg
06VINKEY.TMDance33Roads Sign
06VINKEY.TMDance34Remix Pad
06VINKEY.TMDance361 Figer Filter
06VINKEY.TMDance37Orbital Lead
06VINKEY.TMDance38Mod Square Funk
06VINKEY.TMDance39Nasty Synth
06VINKEY.TMDance40Ambient Dub
07VINKEY.TMDance1Hold It!
07VINKEY.TMDance3Trance Arpeg
07VINKEY.TMDance4Synth Filter Hit
07VINKEY.TMDance5Deep house Hit
07VINKEY.TMBlank7Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank8Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank9Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank10Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank11Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank12Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank13Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank14Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank15Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank16Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank17Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank18Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank19Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank20Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank21Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank22Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank23Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank24Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank25Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank26Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank27Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank28Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank29Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank30Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank31Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank32Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank33Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank34Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank35Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank36Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank37Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank38Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank39Blank (Grand Piano)
07VINKEY.TMBlank40Blank (Grand Piano)

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hbinfo100 Thanks for these wonderfull sounds that I will enjoy to play
And I am anxious to download the EW04NX because there is female soloist voice like in the Church with the left organ voice it will be a XMas gift
Posted on November 19, 2014 at 2:51 AM
Mikk Thanks
Posted on November 29, 2014 at 10:32 PM
erieeedoang Thanks very good.
Posted on July 18, 2016 at 9:22 PM
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