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Brassy Pads

Add variety and texture to your music with Performance Pads. The KN7000 pads can trigger sound effects, loops and controls.


Brassy Pads for KN7000 & Compatibles

This little Performance Pads project is an experiment with three Banks of Pads, 18 Pads in total.

Experiment with them and let us know whether you want more!

If you have set up User Performance Pads that you like, be sure to save them before you load this file. It won't affect any other parts of your keyboard. You can reset your Performance Pads to their original settings at any time by re-initialising them.

Accessing the Pads


Download the file, transfer it to your KN7000 by floppy or SD Card and LOAD it.

After loading the file onto your KN7000, access the Performance Pads User Banks 1, 2 and 3.

The Pads are in an MSP File 

MSP File containing the Brassy Pads Performance Pads.

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