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Contact Us

Use this page if you need to contact us directly. For general help that will benefit everyone, please ask in the Forums, you will get a faster response.

Contact Us

I'm always delighted to receive messages from you but I don't always have the answers...

Before you contact me via this form please consider whether your message (and my response) would help other members if you post it in the Forums. This is the quickest way for anyone with knowledge to respond to you and it helps more people, so I answer Forum posts before I start looking at my emails.

If you send me a question about a keyboard or software that could be answered in the forums I will not respond.

Forum responses are running at about 24 to 48 hours at the moment and email responses are a week or more. Also, if your query requires a very detailed response please use the forums, I don't have time to respond in detail to one person sorry.

Click Here to visit the Forums

Click Here to visit the Technical Forum on

Technics Instrument Repairs

I can't help you with information about broken keyboards or repairs. If you contact me about this I won't respond as I simply won't know the answer. Please post here - Technics Keyboard Repairs

If you find our website helpful please take a moment to participate in our KN7000 Survey

Technics Keyboard Power Cord or Power Cable

If you are enquiring about a Technics power cable or power cord we don't sell them at present but I will try to help if I know the answer (in the forums, not via email). BUT Check out the following page first - Technics Instruments Information

Contacting Me

Due to the amount of spam I receive and the sheer volume of emails, there is now only one contact form available.

You will find it on the new website in the footer of each page.

It is protected from spam emails. I only answer enquiries about transactions and help with the website (such as if you can't log in or you can't reset your password).