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KN7000 & Mac OS - Page 2

Technics KN7000 & Apple Computers: Preparing an SD Card

KN7000 & KN2600 SD Cards on Mac OS

First we'll look at how to prepare an SD Card to receive files on the Mac. The same principles apply in Windows but most PC users will want to use the available software.

It Takes Two to Tango

I recommend to everyone that they should have at least two SD Cards. Preferably have two identical cards, so that you can keep a copy.

It is extremely easy to damage the database of your SD Card when you are working directly with the files in the ways we're about to discuss.

For that reason, you should at least copy the contents onto your Mac as a backup before you perform any operations on the keyboard. I always keep a duplicate SD Card and I still make mistakes now and then that lead to a lot of work in recovering my card to the way I want it. That said, I am working with thousands of files and reconfiguring my Cards much more often than most people.

So, I'm going to assume that you have two cards or you are ok with having to re-build your card when necessary for now, whilst you are practising to use it in this way.

Tip: Backing Up

  • All you have to do to back up is to copy EVERYTHING off your SD card onto your computer
  • To restore the backup, format the SD Card on your KN7000 and then copy all the files back onto it

Format the SD Card

I'll have to refer you to the KN7000 manual often, I don't want to re-type the manual. So, refer to the manual and format your SD Card in the KN7000, not on your Mac. You now have a blank SD Card. Put it in your Mac.

Build the File Structure

Thanks to Ron sparking the idea by emailing me today, Alex and I have built a file structure (extended from what Ron sent) and placed it in a zip file for you to download below.

  1. Download the file.
  2. Unzip it
  3. Move or copy the two directories that you see onto your blank SD Card

The PRIVATE directory contains many more directories. Take a look through the contents of your SD Card, it now contains many empty folders and the KN7000 understands those folders.

If you put the SD Card in your KN7000 and then press and hold the yellow SD button it will show you 99 unnamed, numbered folders.

This Zip file contains a KN7000 (or KN2600) folder structure with empty directories ready to populate.

Ready to Go!

Your SD Card is now ready to add Technics keyboard files.

Before proceeding further I highly recommend that you read the following two pages, to understand a little more about Technics keyboard files:

1 - Songs: An Important Principle (Opens in a new window)

2 - Technics Keyboard File Types (Opens in a New Window). This page has many sub-pages with additional information.