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KN7000 & Mac OS - Page 3

Technics KN7000 & Apple Computers: Putting files on your SD Card

KN7000 & KN2600 SD Cards on Mac OS

Next, we'll put some files on the SD Card and open them on the KN7000.

A Disclaimer

In this process I have little doubt that you'll make a few mistakes and lose the work you have done (I know that I have often done so and if you don't you are very lucky, very clever or extremely special!).

So, be prepared for that please. I've explained how to back up your card on the previous page and I'll go into that in more detail on a later page too. If it becomes corrupted or the directory structure gets messed up or something else goes wrong, you'll have to restore your backup or start again. I can't help you to recover it.

So, always work on your 'second' card, not your 'performance' card. And keep a backup.

We're also working on a more advanced download for you, so you will probably be scrapping the contents of this card in the near future. treat it as ephemeral for now and don't be disappointed if something goes wrong. We'll very quickly have you working with these files as a matter of course and nothing will phase you.

Putting Files on the Card

Really, it couldn't be easier. We're going to start with some simple Technics Songs that contain just one file each.

Let's load 40 Sounds onto the card!

The link below will download the first file of Sounds Series 1. Click the link and save the file directly onto your SD Card, in the following directory:


Here's the link to the first file, it contains 40 Sounds - CLICK HERE and save it in the directory stated above.

  • Now put the SD Card in your keyboard
  • Press and hold the yellow SD button

You will see the file, ready to LOAD, so press LOAD

You have now loaded 40 Sounds into your SOUND GROUP Memory button. Try them out!

That's the principle of things!

Loading More Files

We'll now load another 20 sounds onto the SD Card. Again, click the link below and save the file directly onto your SD Card, in the following directory:


Here's the link to the first file, it contains the next 40 Sounds - CLICK HERE and save it in the directory stated above.

Let's do the same for the rest of Sounds Series 1:

Click Here to Open the Sounds Series 1 page and then follow the same procedure as above to add files 3, 4 and 5 into the TFLD001 directory.

You can now LOAD any of the sets of 40 Sounds into your SOUND GROUP Memory.

 The File Structure

If you now take a look at the files on your SD Card you should have the following files in the TFLD001 directory:


The first two digits tell the keyboard which 'slot' the file occupies.

The next six characters can be anything of your choice. I chose K7 to say that this is a KN7000 file and SND1 to indicate Sound Series 1.

The TM file extension tells the keyboard that this is a Sound Memory file, so it should load the contents into the SOUND GROUP Memory. Maybe this stands for Tone Memory? It's a good way to remember it anyway. Tone Memory.

File Numbering

There can be up to twenty Songs in each TFLD directory of the SD Card. Each one must be numbered 01, 02, 03 and so on, up to 20.


I'll resume editing the next page soon. In the meantime, let us know how you get on and maybe you can try some of the other Sounds Series 1 downloads. They are named such that you can place them all in the TFLD001 directory at the same time.

I suggest that you don't progress any further than that for now (or be prepared to start again if it goes wrong).