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KN7000 File: .cmp

The .cmp file stores 3 COMPOSER setups.

Technics Keyboard .cmp file

CMP.jpgEach of the 3 Composers (A, B and C) consists of 4 variations, 4 intros, 4 endings and 8 fills (20 'mini-sequences' in all). These are all 8 Part sequences - 2 Drums, 1 Bass and 5 Accompaniment parts.

The Composer is the main building block of a Style or CUSTOM RHYTHM. Each of the 3 Composer banks (A, B and C) is associated with PANEL MEMORY banks A, B and C and with PERFORMANCE PAD banks A, B and C.

Data can be loaded to and from a specific Composer Memory (SINGLE LOAD).

Tip: Consider a Composer to be a 'working area' where you assemble your own styles

For example, let's say you are working on a new Style using Composer C:

  • Edit the variations, intros, endings and fills for the Style.
  • Use PANEL MEMORY bank C to store and name your Stylists (all the instrument settings, tempo etc)
  • Use PADS Recording Bank C to prepare your Performance Pads for the Style
  • Save regularly in case you make a mistake and need to revert to an earlier version.

A normal Composer save stores the 3 Composer banks (A, B & C), 3 Panel Memory banks (A, B & C) and 3 Performance Pad banks (A, B & C) for instant recall.

When your Style is complete, transfer the Composer (Bank C) to a slot of your choice in the CUSTOM RHYTHM group. The Panel Memories (Bank C) and Performance Pads (Bank C) are automatically transferred, to create a fully co-ordinated Style or CUSTOM RHYTHM.

Tip: COMPOSER A, B and C co-ordinate with PANEL MEMORY Banks A, B and C

So, for example, when you transfer COMPOSER B to a CUSTOM RHYTHM slot, PANEL MEMORY Bank B (containing 4 Panel Memories) is also transferred to the MUSIC STYLE ARRANGER (4 Custom Stylists) for that CUSTOM RHYTHM.