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KN7000 File: .cst

The .cst file is a 'Single Custom Style'.

Technics Keyboard .cst file


The Single Custom Style consists of a RHYTHM (4 variations, 4 intros, 4 endings and 8 fills), 4 Registrations, 6 Performance Pads, plus any edited Sounds, Drums and Effects.

Once the Style is loaded into a slot in the CUSTOM RHYTHM GROUP you can use it just like any of the built-in Styles.

Using the PROGRAM MENUS in the keyboard the Style can also be copied to a Composer Memory to be edited.

Tip: You can access the 4 registrations and a suitable tempo using the Music Style Arranger

Access them via MSA and save into Panel Memories if you prefer, you can then set the tempo to a different speed and adjust the registrations to your liking.