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KN7000 File: .efc

The .efc file stores 50 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) effects.

Technics Keyboard .efc file

EFC.jpgThe KN7000 employs five SOUND DSPs to create the sounds. Three of them are for the RIGHT 1, RIGHT 2 and LEFT parts; for these parts you can use the SOUND DSP and select lifelike sounds.

The remaining two are used in the normal mode of the automatic accompaniment; the optimum effects for the selected rhythm are automatically set.

The DSP for the ACCOMP parts can also be used for the SEQUENCER parts.

The SOUND DSP works like a studio effects processor, providing effects such as CHORUS, PHASER, DELAY and DISTORTION.

For example, the SOUND DSP (ROTARY SPEAKER/ROCK ROTARY) is used for the tremolo effect (this effect does not work if the SOUND DSP button is turned off). So, for instance, you could edit one of the built-in speakers to your liking and save it as a new effect called 'Perfect Leslie' for future use.

The .efc file stores 50 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) effects.

Data can be loaded to and from a specific Effect Memory (SINGLE LOAD).

Tip: Edited DSPs can be saved and they are then ready for use with the parts by using the DSP button