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KN7000 File: .fav

The .fav file contains 4 Favourite Pages of programmable menu functions.

Technics Keyboard .fav file

FAV.jpgYou can select many of the sounds, rhythms and functions of the KN7000 and store them in four pages of FAVOURITES.

This is a convenient way to access features that you use the most, so that you can quickly select them whilst playing. It is also a good place to store functions that you often use that are in deeper menus of the keyboard, so that they are close to hand.

Edit your Favourite Pages on the Customize menu. Save your set of four favourites in a .fav file.

Tip: You can easily save several sets of four favourite pages

So you might wish to save a set of four pages to co-ordinate with a complete CUSTOM RHYTHM GROUP by using .ast and .fav files in conjunction with each other.