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KN7000 File: .pmt

The .pmt file can store Panel Memory files comprising 13 banks of 8 memories.

Technics Keyboard .pmt file

PMT.jpgPanel Memories can be saved in banks of 3 (A, B and C) or banks of 13 (A, B, C, 1, 2... 10).

Banks A, B and C are important because they are associated with Composer Banks A, B and C. The first four Panel Memories in these three banks become converted to Music Style Arrangers when you copy a COMPOSER to a CUSTOM RHYTHM.

Data can be loaded to and from a specific Panel Memory (SINGLE LOAD).

Tip: Keep a special .pmt file with all of the Panel Memories you like best

13 x 8 (so up to 104) Panel Memories can be saved in the .pmt file.

You can then reload them if they get accidentally overwritten when loading other files.