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KN7000 File: .sqt

The .sqt is a Sequencer file. It can contain 10 songs and keyboard setups.

Technics Keyboard .sqt file

SQT.jpgThe sequencer records your performance in a similar way to a tape recorder. You may want to record your entire performance in one go,or to build up a complex arrangement with several different parts playing together, like an orchestral score.

The SEQUENCER has 16 tracks. This means that you can record up to 16 different parts.

You can change the sound and tempo during playback, or correct wrong notes and timing errors.

Try playing back a song with the melody track turned off to become the soloist, so that you can concentrate on aftertouch, expression and subtle nuances. Or you could turn off other tracks to practise parts that you normally play with a band in a live environment.

The SEQUENCER contents can be saved in one-song increments (SEQUENCER SONG SAVE).

Tip: You can use the SEQUENCER to setup the keyboard and synchronise an SD-AUDIO (mp3 or wav) with the start

Using this method you can have ten SD-AUDIOs ready to go with one loading operation.