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Technics Testing Lab!

Help us to help you... Download the test disk and complete the survey.


Technics Instruments Test Disk 01

In order for our content to be effective it is essential for us to know what instruments are compatible with each other. Obviously we don't have every instrument to do tests on so your feedback is really appreciated!

  1. Download the test disk and try each file out on your instrument.
  2. Keep a note of which files are successful.
  3. Complete the survey below in order to help us be certain which instruments are compatible with one another.

Please ensure that you test every file on the disk including loading the MIDI File.

Test Disk 01 - Containing nine Technics Composer Files and one MIDI File - Zip File

Test Disk 01

After testing the files on your instrument and keeping notes, please complete the form below. As we understand the contents of the test disk this will enable us to tailor the content to be more compatible with your instrument.

After the comments box are some optional survey questions. Thank you!

Thanks for helping!

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The Comments area below is for feedback about this page specifically. Your feedback is invaluable. Every comment that is posted on the websites is read and taken into account.


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