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Technics Keyboard Icons For Windows Large.JPG

Technics Keyboard Icons Program

The Technics Keyboard Icons installer program lets you recognise Technics keyboard files on your computer at a glance!

The Technics Keyboard Icons program.

The program is for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It is suitable for use with all KN keyboards and other Technics instruments with SD Card readers or disk drives, including PRs, PXs, Organs and WSA Synthesizers.

The download link for the program is at the end of this page. However, please read all of the information here before you install.

If you need help, go to the Technics Keyboard Icons Program Forum.

I can not answer queries about the program by email.

What is the Technics Keyboard Icons program?

Technics instruments can use many types of files.

  • Some of these files can be used by programs on your computer.
  • All of these files can be renamed, moved and copied using your computer.

The Technics Keyboard Icons installer program assigns icons to these files on Windows computers.

This helps you to recognise the files at a glance, making it quick and easy to select the correct files when you are working with them on your PC.

It sounds simple (and it is) but after you have used the icons for a while you won't want to do without them because of the 'recognition time' that they save!

Here is the current set of icons:

Technics Keyboard Icons For Windows.JPG

Windows can display icons in various sizes. You are in control of the display size (using the View menu in Windows). I've designed the icons to try to make them readable at different sizes.

What do the colours mean?

I'll give some information here and then show you more examples to explain why I've chosen the colours (and icon designs) later in the article.

Composer Icon.JPGCMP - Technics Composer file. CMP files are the essence of Styles on most of the instruments. The icon is green so that you can instantly pick it out amongst the other files because you will probably work with CMP files more than any other.

Technics Sequencer Icon.JPGRed coloured files - These files are primarily used by the WSA synthesizers. SEQ files are an exception, they are Technics Sequencer files that are used by the earlier Technics instruments AND by WSA Synthesizers. Red is a colour that Technics really only used in connection with WSA, so that is one reason why it is chosen here.

Technics MIDI Icon.JPGMID - Technics MIDI file. Ok, I've been slightly cheeky in calling them "technics" files because MIDI files can be used by Windows, Mac and many other brands of instruments. But we're all about Technics here! The icon is blue so that it stands out. If you prefer your current MIDI icons you can optionally decide not to install this icon.

Technics Keyboard Desktop Icons.JPGThe other icons are a dark colour but not black. This is so that they can still be seen on a black background... and they match the colour used on our Websites.

The three Internet Shortcuts you see here are also installed (optional).

What can I do with this information?

I'll describe a few of the things that you will find easier when you have installed. This will illustrate a few uses, there are many more!

In the picture below, I'm selecting the files of a Song in windows, to put on SD Card (using KN-SDExplorer. Notice how the repeating pattern of the green CMP files help to show me which files to select.

Technics Keyboard Icons Song Group.JPG

In the picture below, I have selected the "Large Icons" view in windows. I've then dragged the Windows Explorer window so that I have my Songs grouped nicely, ready for selection to copy them onto a floppy disk.

Technics Keyboard Icons Large Icons.JPG

In the picture below I'm using "Detail View" in Windows. There are a number of red coloured files and the descriptions also help me to realise that I'm in a folder of WSA1 files.

Technics Keyboard Icons WSA.JPG

 Clearly, the following folder is full of MIDI files!

Technics Keyboard Icons MIDI.JPG

Now this next one take a little lateral thinking! I start off with three KN1000 Songs in a folder as shown.

Technics Keyboard Icons Rename Example 1.JPG

I want to make a new Song using the Sequencer data from Song 01, the Composer Style and the Current Panel settings from Song 02 and the Sounds that are in Song 03. I start off by hilighting the relevant files, as you can see below.

Technics Keyboard Icons Rename Example 2.JPG

Next, I Copy those files and Paste them back into the same directory. The Pasted files will stay hilighted, as below.

Technics Keyboard Icons Rename Example 3.JPG

Now, I Right-Click on the first hilighted, copied file "01ORGAN_ - Copy" and I select "Rename" from the menu. I type a new name "04MYSONG", and all of the hilighted files get renamed at the same time! The results are below.

Technics Keyboard Icons Rename Example 4.JPG

Now, you don't NEED the Technics Keyboard Icons program to do this, but you can see how the different icons and the descriptions help you to do it really easily.

In the following example I have four KN3000 Songs. I know that I have my favourite edited Sounds saved in another Song and I want to add them to these four songs.

Technics Keyboard Icons KN3000 Example 1.JPG

I find the Sound file (TM) in my other Song and copy it into this folder four times, as follows.

Technics Keyboard Icons KN3000 Example 2.JPG

And now I simply rename the four Sound Memory files, one by one, to match the names of the original four Songs.

Technics Keyboard Icons KN3000 Example 3.JPG

As you can see, the icons and descriptions make it easier to see that you are doing things correctly. When I put these files on floppy disk and load them in my KN3000, my favourite Sounds will be there in Sound Memory, ready to use.

These are just a few examples of file changes that become simple when you have the right icons!

Some Technicalities

This section is for more advanced Windows users.

Notice in particular that there are icons for ACT, AST, MSP and MID files. Some Windows programs also use these file extensions for files that are completely different to those for your instrument. This might be the case for other file extensions too ("extension" means "the letters after the dot" in a file name).

For example:

  • .act & .ast - These extensions are used by Adobe Photoshop. Only advanced Photoshop Users will encounter them.
  • .msp - This extension is used by Windows. Also note that MSP files can not be sent via email for this reason, even if they are inside a ZIP file. Only advanced programers would use these files.
  • .mid - This extension is used by MIDI files.

Advanced users might prefer to keep their existing icons for some files. For this reason, you can choose which icons you wish to install when you run the Technics Keyboard Icons installer program.

Technics Keyboard Icons Installation Options.JPG

NB - Most users will simply wish to accept the defaults and install all of the icons.

It is very important to note that the program only changes the appearance of the icons. It does not do anything that affects your existing programs.

The program also installs three icons on your desktop:

  • A shortcut to
  • A shortcut to
  • A shortcut to the web page you are reading now.

Installing these shortcuts is also optional.

You can make changes at any time by simply re-running the program and ticking different boxes. I suggest that you simply keep the defaults when you install, I can not imagine many users wanting anything else. 

Technics Keyboard Icons Installation Program


Let's use plain and straightforward language for the license. Do not distribute this program elsewhere, it is copyrighted. Send your friends here if they want it.

This program is partly funded by one of our very generous VIP Members. Thank you J.A.

Other Information & Help

I've done extensive research to try to cover every necessary icon and to make the installation work for all possible scenarios. However, it is impossible to test on all versions of windows and some icons might have been missed too.

If you have any comments to make, find any errors or if you need further help, please post in the Technics Keyboards Icons Program Forum

NB - I can not answer questions about this program via email.

Download The Program

The program is available Free to VIP Members and at a nominal cost to everyone else.

When you purchase the program return here and you will see the download link below. Ensure that you are logged in to download.

VIPs can see the download link when they are logged in.

Hidden Content Below Available to logged in VIP Members.

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If you aren't a VIP you can purchase the program for just £3.99



The download might display a warning message in your browser. The program is completely safe and clean. Follow the instructions in your browser to KEEP the file as shown below. If you need help with this please post a message in the forum.


This happens because the program is brand new to the Internet and it can take some time for some Virus Checkers, Microsoft and Google to understand that it is safe. Rest assured that it is completely clean.

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