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Technics Instruments Magazine

The first issue of our magazine will be published soon... and this could be our only issue so be sure to look out for this collector's item! I'm self-funding this magazine so it could well be a one-off!

The PRINTED MAGAZINE WILL BE POSTED OUT FREE to all VIP Members, Semibreve Members and significant Donators!* And available at reasonable cost to everyone else!

All countries included, worldwide.

Proposed contents sections are:

  • About Us and Key Contributors
  • How to get the best from the Websites
  • The Technics KN Keyboards
  • Technics Organs
  • Technics Digital Ensembles
  • Technics Pianos
  • Technics WSA1 and other Synths
  • Strawberry Music
  • Technics Testing Lab Results!
  • Technics Extended Compatibility Matrix
  • Tips & Hints
  • Your Letters

If you would like to write something for the Magazine (an Article, a letter or other request) please complete the form below and I'll be in touch with you soon.

Now, I know it can be challenging to maintain enthusiasm for a couple of months until publication but we have proven that our incredible website resource is here to stay for over two years and look where we have come in this short space of time! Do get involved with the websites and the magazine, join in with the community!

* As I will be personally covering the cost of printing and postage costs the Magazine will be FREE to those who have made a significant contribution to the websites in my personal opinion. The Magazine will be FREE to all VIP and Semibreve Members who sign up between January 2014 and the time of publishing, whatever country you're in, whether you are still a VIP or not (and beyond whilst stocks last), plus significant contributors.


If you wish to advertise in the magazine complete the same form below.

Thanks for helping!

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