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Technics Musicians

Listen to recordings of our members playing Technics keyboards, beautiful sounds and arrangements from personalities of our Technics keyboards universe!

Recordings from Members of our Website

We're very proud to present these recordings of Technics instruments played by members of our websites.

Please take a moment to leave some encouragement in the comments areas of their pages and I hope you enjoy their music as much as I do.

More musicians will be added very soon (and please get in touch if you would be willing to be featured here). MP3 downloads will also be made available soon so you will be able to listen to them in the car just as I do! The wonders of modern technology!

I'm very grateful to these guys for allowing me to feature their beautiful music on the site, thanks very much!

AL AndersoN

Technics Keyboard Recordings by Al Anderson: Al has KN7000, KN5000 and Tyros 2 arranger keyboards and with over 600 recordings under his belt (I figure that to be almost two months of non-stop recording sessions) I think you can virtually consider him to be a professional recording artist! Super songs from a highly-experienced keyboard player.

Bill Norrie

Technics KN7000 Recordings by Willum: Bill is well-known to many of us in the Technics world. His website has been a mainstay of Technics Keyboards info for us for as long as I can remember and his input into our understanding of our instruments can not be underestimated. If you have learned something from someone, they probably learned it from Willum! I've said often, to anyone who will listen, that I play his music all the time... and so should you, so do pay a visit to Willum's website and download a few tracks. Bill has been so kind as to provide some recordings here for your pleasure, along with some valuable insights into their creation.

Henk Baars

Technics Keyboard Recordings by Henk - Beautiful, inspirational improvisations by Henk on Technics KN1600

John Dawson

Technics KN7000 Recordings from JD: John's many years of musicianship shine through in these beautiful recordings, he has a lovely touch on those keys! I hope you enjoy them as much as me.

Mike (Admin)

Technics KN7000 Recordings from Mike. Happy Christmas!

Technics Keyboards Conversion and Recording Techniques

Whilst I stake no claim to be an expert recording technician I know that many of you will be interested to know how the music was prepared for playing over the Internet.

M4A files

Where I was provided with M4A files, I don't have a program installed that can handle these files so I used the free Online Audio Converter utility available Here (opens in a new window). No processing was applied.

Technics Files

Where I was provided with Technics Files (composer, sequencer etc), I played the songs on my KN7000 and used Panasonic Audio Recorder for KN, as provided with the keyboard (and available in the Members Area) to save WAV files. These are lossless files, they sound excellent but they are not especially appropriate for serving over the Internet due to relatively large file sizes, so they have been converted to MP3 and OGG format.

MP3 and OGG formats give good compatibility across most browsers and file sizes are approximately a tenth of WAV files. When you play the files, the website will send the appropriate version to your browser, depending upon which one you use.

To convert from WAV to MP3 and OGG I used Audacilty, which is a superb free audio editing tool, available Here (opens in a new window).

I found that my WAV recordings were too quiet, probably because my knowledge of audio editing is small. If you have any tips and hints regarding this please add a comment below to help everyone. Due to this, I amplified the files by about 21Db in Audacity.

The above conversion and processing does result in some reduction in audio quality, so, if you want to hear the files in their full glory you should download the Technics files that have been kindly provided and play them directly on your KN7000. This will let you hear them exactly as the original musician intended, as though they were tickling the ivories directly on your keyboard! Spooky!

Availability of Files

Regular readers will know that the websites are edited and maintained by one person (i.e. me) and whilst I have so many plans for the sites I literally can't write quickly enough to get everything out to you as fast as I would like. However, they say that patience is a virtue and I hope that you're enjoying seeing the sites build and improve over the course of time. These pages are young yet having been pondered for many years, conceived in January 2014, developed through to launch in April 2014 and are only about five months old as of now, September 2014.

Most of all, I hope that something here helps to spark your enthusiasm for music in all of it's many and varied forms, encourages you to renew your personal connection with music, feel inspired to play, listen, experiment and benefit from the happiness and creative passion that music can bestow on us.

I digress, slightly. If what you seek is not available right now then do send me a prompt and I will try to give it higher priority. Time constraints mean that not all files or versions of songs will be available immediately but please check back often and we'll get there in the end!

A Big Thank You!

Once again, my deep gratitude and warm thanks go to those who provide songs for us all to enjoy, I receive so many requests for recordings that I know your music is highly appreciated!

Need Help?

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The Comments area below is for feedback about this page specifically. Your feedback is invaluable. Every comment that is posted on the websites is read and taken into account.


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