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AL AndersoN

Technics Keyboard Recordings by Al Anderson: Al has KN7000, KN5000 and Tyros 2 arranger keyboards and with over 600 recordings under his belt (I figure that to be almost two months of non-stop recording sessions) I think you can virtually consider him to be a professional recording artist! Super songs from a highly-experienced keyboard player.

Al's Bio

A little bit about myself, I'm 67 years old and I started playing music for money in 1966 [Ed: Hey Al, "You Make Me Feel So Young" is my favourite track.... and it's true because I was only born in 1966!], at that time I had a trio of piano, bass and drum. I played sporadic gigs from then until I got drafted into the Army.

In 1969 I bought my first organ and taught myself how to play it.  I really didn't do much playing professionally until 1978, I was pretty much a play at home for my own enjoyment, but in 1978 I bought a Piano and Organ store with my father who also was an entertainer.

I never thought I was good enough to play in public, he convinced me that I was, and when he got a call for a gig, he convinced the bar owner that I was just as good as he was (I wasn't) and got me a gig playing a single on Friday and Saturday nights in a small restaurant bar.

Later I got a gig at an Elks Lodge, they wanted me to hire a drummer and a singer, and that led to what I call a full time/part time career playing music in Elks Lodges all over the State of Oregon.

I did that until 1988, when the band broke up.  Since then I've played sporadic gigs until  I retired in 2009, and again just play for my own enjoyment.

[Ed: Wonderful recordings Al, some of my all time favourites are in here and it's also great to hear a bit a bout your life and musical history]

Stormy (Classics IV): KN7000

Stupid Cupid (Connie Francis): KN7000

Till There Was You (Big Band Arrangement): KN7000

We've Only Just Begun (The Carpenters): KN7000

You Make Me Feel So Young (Big Band Arrangement): KN7000

April in Paris (Big Band Arrangement): KN7000

I Could Have Danced All Night: KN7000

One (A Chorus Line): KN7000

Over The Rainbow: KN7000


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