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KN7000s Don't Like Mondays

Aug 24, 2014


Who Doesn't Like Mondays?

Happy Bank Holiday! I do love it when 'Monday doesn't exist' because I get a break from the day job and can play my KN7000 or work on the website.

Technics Keyboards Web App

This weekend I've launched our first Web App. This one makes use of Arild's files from Willum's site and will enable you to search in real time to find appropriate styles for your favourite songs. It works on computer, tablet and mobile but of course a tablet or mobile will be more convenient if you are sitting at your keyboard.

Give it a try, it's the last item on the top menu of the website. Or you can access it at

This is Version 1, I have some extensions planned in due course so your feedback will be valued as ever.

Don't forget to bookmark it on your phone or computer for the future. I have really enjoyed looking through the suggestions and quickly setting up my keyboard to try them out, especially at those moments when I'm stumped for a tune to play.

KN7000 Styles

Some KN2000 styles (converted for KN7000) from the original website have been added in the Styles section & Member's Area and I plan to have more available over the bank holiday.

For those of you who have the "Total" file these will be duplicates but these singles and 20s were available from Technics. I'm keenly aware that many members who are using floppy disks want to access these files and also to have access to the Stylists with original descriptions. I've tried very hard to make the download area similar to the original site.

We're also hearing more from KN2400 owners who don't have the SD Card facility (especially via the Survey on the Help menu) so they need these files and I'll also be introducing a section for compatible keyboards soon.

Technics Keyboards

I've been working on some additional pages for because a lot of requests are coming in for information about other Technics instruments.

If any of you are former owners of other Technics instruments and would be prepared to write a few words (or review) about them that would be brilliant.


In the near future we'll be launching a competition with a prize tailored to the winner's keyboard (it doesn't have to be a KN7000), from Strawberry Music.

We're thinking that it should be a playing competition whereby Members can submit recordings (or Technics files that we'll record for you). Members can then vote for their favourites.

Or maybe a photo caption competition, with your instrument as the star?

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts and watch this space for more details about the competition.

KN7000 Photos

I'm rapidly running out of good photos of the KN instruments and I'm thinking of taking my machine to my friendly local Photographer for some snaps. If you have some great pics please send them in!

That's all for now, look out for the changes on the site and let me know what you think of the app.

By the way, for those of you who have a sense of deja vu whilst reading this, yes, it is virtually a copy of today's newsletter... because unfortunately the mailserver failed to send it out to some members. My apologies for that!

Now I must go and dig out that fantastic Boomtown Rats song...



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Mike (Admin)


I started playing Technics instruments in my early teens and I've owned several models of their organs and keyboards. As a former professional organist and keyboard player I have played most of the models that I haven't owned, so I'm pretty familiar with most Technics organs and keyboards.


Greieras82 Greetings, I respect your effort for Technics users!
I did not know that someone has interest for us, thank you!
Posted on September 17, 2014 at 11:18 AM
admin Salut Greieras82, thanks for your kind words I'm glad you are enjoying the website. I've visited your beautiful country many times where I have always received the warmest welcome and heard some amazing music. Good to see you here.
Posted on September 17, 2014 at 7:00 PM
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