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Organ Inspiration - Hammond B3

Jun 12, 2014


Leon Kuijpers on Hammond B3

I've long been a fan of Leon Kuijpers so, knowing that we have many followers on Twitter and Facebook who are organists and that many KN7000 owners enjoy the unique Hammond sound (and many are also organists) , I thought I would share this amazing performance by Leon in today's blog.

This one is sure to have you reaching for the digital drawbars on your KN7000.

Why not give 'My Funny Valentine' a whirl and then upload your version in our forum for us to hear!

You can see more of Leon on Youtube and on his website. I wish he would release some recordings (do you know of any?). When you visit his site, be aware that the music starts playing immediately so watch your volume (the track is 'She's Out of My Life' by Michael Jackson, one of my favourite songs, what a treat!.

Regarding the fabulous Hammond sound, I'll be talking about your KN7000s digital drawbars and also Hammond virtual instruments in the near future, so watch this space. You can subscribe to this blog using the link lower down the page.

New Technics KN7000 Forums

I've just finished work on our new forums. When the site launched in May I integrated a very basic forum and quite frankly I didn't expect so much interest in the website early on. Since then I've received so many messages from you and new members joining the site that I've realised the forums had to be updated.

The new forums are able to integrate any comments made around the site, you can chat with each other, upload files to share with other members and keep up with the news.

I hope you will enjoy this new feature. Come along, join in and please let me know if you encounter any problems (help me to iron out any bugs so that we can all get the most out of it.

You can receive new forum topics & replies by clicking the 'Monitor' link that you'll find in each topic or at the top level of the forum.

And remember to leave us a comment below about Leon or anything else that's on your mind. Most important.... Be Inspired!



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Mike (Admin)


I started playing Technics instruments in my early teens and I've owned several models of their organs and keyboards. As a former professional organist and keyboard player I have played most of the models that I haven't owned, so I'm pretty familiar with most Technics organs and keyboards.


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