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Technics GA3 & GA1 Downloads

Technics GA3 & GA1: Styles Downloads

Technics GA3 & GA1 Downloads

Welcome to our page for Technics GA3 & GA1 downloads.

To start our Styles Series we have 200 Styles from Yamaha 2100 for you to play. Essentially, a whole new keyboard to enjoy for Free!

If you have any queries or observations about the Free Styles post a message in the forum or in the comments box below.


Styles Series Y1

200 amazing FREE Styles for your Technics keyboard. These conversions from Yamaha PSR2100 sound superb voiced with Technics sounds, giving you a huge new range of Rhythms from a wide variety of genres.

When you load each Rhythm on your keyboard it will have basic settings. For a quick improvement, press a Panel Memory (which should activate your usual settings) and you can then go further by re-voicing the style and saving new panel memories with appropriate Sounds.

The Styles have not been loaded and tested on all instruments. If you encounter any issues post a message in the forum or use the comments box and we'll work through them with you.

ZIP File - 200 Free Styles for your Technics GA3 & GA1

PDF File - listing the Styles for printing or reference

PDF File - Songs to Styles List for Styles Series Y1 - 529 Suggested Songs. You can also access this list in our APP (on the main menu of the website)

GA3 & GA1 Styles Series Y1

GroupFolderSong No.RhythmNotes
BALLAD01GASSY1116Beat 80
BALLAD01GASSY1216BeatBallad1 76
BALLAD01GASSY1316BeatBallad2 66
BALLAD01GASSY146-8ModernEP 64
BALLAD01GASSY156-8Orchestral 62
BALLAD01GASSY166-8SlowRock1 105
BALLAD01GASSY176-8SlowRock2 68
BALLAD01GASSY188BeatAdria 100
BALLAD01GASSY198BeatModern 92
BALLAD01GASSY110AcousticBallad 158
BALLAD01GASSY111AnalogBallad 77
BALLAD01GASSY112ClassicPianoBld 66
BALLAD01GASSY113CountryBallad 72
BALLAD01GASSY114LoveSong 70
BALLAD01GASSY115ModCntryPop 68
BALLAD01GASSY116OrganBallad 78
BALLAD01GASSY117PianoBallad 68
BALLAD01GASSY118PopBallad 77
BALLAD01GASSY120R&BBallad 86
BALLAD02GASSY11RockBallad 75
BALLAD02GASSY12SecretService 80
BALLAD02GASSY13Slow&Easy 64
BALLAD02GASSY14Unplugged 68
BALLROOM03GASSY12EnglishWaltz 90
BALLROOM03GASSY13Foxtrot 184
BALLROOM03GASSY15OrgQuickstep 200
BALLROOM03GASSY16Pasodoble 122
BALLROOM03GASSY17Quickstep 200
BALLROOM03GASSY110SchlagerAlp 128
BALLROOM03GASSY111SchlagerBeat 126
BALLROOM03GASSY112SchlagerPop 120
BALLROOM03GASSY113SchlagerRock 126
BALLROOM03GASSY114SchlagerRumba 124
BALLROOM03GASSY115Slowfox 108
BALLROOM03GASSY116Swingfox 192
BALLROOM03GASSY117Tango1 130
BALLROOM03GASSY118Tango2 130
BALLROOM03GASSY119VienneseWaltz1 180
BALLROOM03GASSY120VienneseWaltz2 186
DANCE04GASSY1170'sDisco1 120
DANCE04GASSY1270'sDisco2 117
DANCE04GASSY1370'sDisco3 122
DANCE04GASSY14Clubdance 123
DANCE04GASSY15ClubLatin 124
DANCE04GASSY16DiscoChocolate 106
DANCE04GASSY17DiscoFox 125
DANCE04GASSY18DiscoFunk 126
DANCE04GASSY19DiscoHands 122
DANCE04GASSY110DiscoParty 120
DANCE04GASSY111DiscoPhilly 118
DANCE04GASSY112DiscoSamba 122
DANCE04GASSY113DreamDance 128
DANCE04GASSY114EuroTrance 138
DANCE04GASSY115FunkyDisco 118
DANCE04GASSY116Garage1 127
DANCE04GASSY117Garage2 133
DANCE04GASSY118HipHopGroove 85
DANCE04GASSY119HipHopLight 90
DANCE04GASSY120HipHopPop 104
DANCE05GASSY11HipShuffle 92
DANCE05GASSY12HouseMusik 146
DANCE05GASSY13Ibiza2000 128
DANCE05GASSY14Ibiza2003 135
DANCE05GASSY15LatinDisco 124
DANCE05GASSY16ModernR&B 100
DANCE05GASSY17RetroPop 130
DANCE05GASSY18SaturdayNight 110
DANCE05GASSY19SwingHouse 120
DANCE05GASSY110TechnoParty 130
DANCE05GASSY111TechnoPolis 146
LATIN06GASSY11Beguine 113
LATIN06GASSY12BigBandMambo 104
LATIN06GASSY13BigBandSalsa 102
LATIN06GASSY14Bolero 96
LATIN06GASSY15BossaNova 140
LATIN06GASSY16BrazilianSamba 96
LATIN06GASSY17Caribbean 106
LATIN06GASSY18Cumbia 90
LATIN06GASSY19DiscoLatin 100
LATIN06GASSY110Espagnole 124
LATIN06GASSY111FastBossa 175
LATIN06GASSY112GypsyRumba 166
LATIN06GASSY113HappyReggae 88
LATIN06GASSY114JumboReggae 100
LATIN06GASSY115Mambo 104
LATIN06GASSY116PopBossa 160
LATIN06GASSY117PopSamba 110
LATIN06GASSY118RmbFlamenca 110
LATIN06GASSY119RockChaCha 120
LATIN06GASSY120RumbaIsland 112
LATIN07GASSY11Salsa 106
LATIN07GASSY12SlowBossa 106
LATIN07GASSY13Tijuana 200
MARCH&WALTZ08GASSY116-8March 120
MARCH&WALTZ08GASSY14Bluegrass1 142
MARCH&WALTZ08GASSY15Bluegrass2 120
MARCH&WALTZ08GASSY16ChildrensMarch 120
MARCH&WALTZ08GASSY17ChristmasSwing 184
MARCH&WALTZ08GASSY18ChristmasWaltz 80
MARCH&WALTZ08GASSY19CountryWaltz 140
MARCH&WALTZ08GASSY110GermanMarch1 112
MARCH&WALTZ08GASSY111GermanMarch2 112
MARCH&WALTZ08GASSY112GuitarSerenade 106
MARCH&WALTZ08GASSY113Hawaiian 100
MARCH&WALTZ08GASSY114HullyGully 126
MARCH&WALTZ08GASSY115JazzWaltz 194
MARCH&WALTZ08GASSY118MariachiWaltz 170
MARCH&WALTZ08GASSY119Musette 208
MARCH&WALTZ08GASSY120OberPolka 128
MARCH&WALTZ09GASSY11OberWalzer 192
MARCH&WALTZ09GASSY17Santa'sSwing 158
MARCH&WALTZ09GASSY18ScottishReel 112
MARCH&WALTZ09GASSY19Showtune 135
MARCH&WALTZ09GASSY110SwingWaltz 90
MARCH&WALTZ09GASSY111Tarantella 136
MARCH&WALTZ09GASSY112TraditionalWaltz 180
POP&ROCK10GASSY1116BtUptempo 100
POP&ROCK10GASSY126-8Blues 65
POP&ROCK10GASSY136-8Soul 48
POP&ROCK10GASSY1460's8Beat 130
POP&ROCK10GASSY1560'sGtrPop 128
POP&ROCK10GASSY1660'sRock&Roll 170
POP&ROCK10GASSY1760'sRock1 152
POP&ROCK10GASSY1860'sRock2 142
POP&ROCK10GASSY198Beat1 116
POP&ROCK10GASSY1108Beat2 142
POP&ROCK10GASSY1118BeatRock 116
POP&ROCK10GASSY112AmazingGospel 58
POP&ROCK10GASSY113BoogieWoogie 166
POP&ROCK10GASSY114BritPop 86
POP&ROCK10GASSY115BubblegumPop 128
POP&ROCK10GASSY116CntryBrothers 112
POP&ROCK10GASSY117Country2-4 105
POP&ROCK10GASSY118Country8Beat1 130
POP&ROCK10GASSY119Country8Beat2 148
POP&ROCK10GASSY120CountryPop1 148
POP&ROCK11GASSY11CountryPop2 180
POP&ROCK11GASSY12CountryRock 128
POP&ROCK11GASSY13CountryShuffle 126
POP&ROCK11GASSY14CountrySwing 150
POP&ROCK11GASSY15CowboyBoogie 178
POP&ROCK11GASSY16CrocoTwist 176
POP&ROCK11GASSY17DetroitPop1 172
POP&ROCK11GASSY18DetroitPop2 150
POP&ROCK11GASSY19FingerPickin 94
POP&ROCK11GASSY110FunkyFusion 100
POP&ROCK11GASSY111GospelBrothers 108
POP&ROCK11GASSY112GuitarPop 100
POP&ROCK11GASSY113HardRock 120
POP&ROCK11GASSY114HeartBeat 148
POP&ROCK11GASSY115Hoedown 128
POP&ROCK11GASSY116JazzPop 102
POP&ROCK11GASSY117JazzRock 100
POP&ROCK11GASSY118KoolShuffle 100
POP&ROCK11GASSY119OffBeat 120
POP&ROCK11GASSY120PopShuffle1 90
POP&ROCK12GASSY11PopShuffle2 120
POP&ROCK12GASSY12Rock&Roll 176
POP&ROCK12GASSY13Rock+HalfTime 132
POP&ROCK12GASSY14RockShuffle 137
POP&ROCK12GASSY15RootRock 128
POP&ROCK12GASSY16SingrSngWriter 106
POP&ROCK12GASSY18SoulBeat 124
POP&ROCK12GASSY19SoulShuffle 106
POP&ROCK12GASSY110Twist 174
SWING&JAZZ13GASSY12BigBandBallad 82
SWING&JAZZ13GASSY13BigBandFast1 180
SWING&JAZZ13GASSY14BigBandFast2 185
SWING&JAZZ13GASSY15BigBandMid1 130
SWING&JAZZ13GASSY16BigBandMid2 130
SWING&JAZZ13GASSY17BigBandShfl1 158
SWING&JAZZ13GASSY18BigBandShfl2 148
SWING&JAZZ13GASSY19CatGroove 180
SWING&JAZZ13GASSY110Charleston 206
SWING&JAZZ13GASSY111DixieJazz 224
SWING&JAZZ13GASSY112Dixieland 220
SWING&JAZZ13GASSY113GypsySwing 232
SWING&JAZZ13GASSY114JazzBallad 64
SWING&JAZZ13GASSY115JazzClub 165
SWING&JAZZ13GASSY116MediumJazz 142
SWING&JAZZ13GASSY117MoonlightBallad 82
SWING&JAZZ13GASSY118Ragtime 210
SWING&JAZZ13GASSY119Swing1 154
SWING&JAZZ13GASSY120Swing2 152
SWING&JAZZ14GASSY11TapDanceSwing 125


Carper26 Why are the files listed in the download, not the same as the PDF list of files.

Regards Carper26
Posted on January 29, 2015 at 1:50 PM
admin Hi Carper,

I've asked for feedback (elsewhere) about this and you're the first one to give any. I converted 203 Styles, however, for the early keyboards three of them failed. I also don't know whether they are the same three for each of the early keyboards because they were done primarily with a batch conversion process. If the process fails, I have to carry out some actions and then it just continues with the next available number. It has to do this so that the numbers are correct for loading onto floppy disks. However, even then the program gets some file names wrong and I check the names by attempting a load onto SD Card using KN-SDExplorer, seeing which files fail to renumber properly and renumbering them manually.

So, there are 200 in this particular set but I know that the listing goes out of sequence. I believe that the order of the Styles in the PDF is correct but it will skip a couple of times. If you're able to tell me which ones are missing I'll correct the PDF. I can also then try to re-convert the three missing Styles. For me to do it from my end (loading each Style into Styleworks, going through a process to be able to see what the Style is called when it gets loaded onto a keyboard.

I don't own every model so I appreciate you guys helping out with this so that we make the listing match the contents.

It is possible that the listing has gone completely out of order but I don't expect so. Let me know.

Posted on January 29, 2015 at 6:44 PM
Carper26 Hi Mike. I didn't find any missing files but are a number out of sequence. What I did was open each page and the styles can be identified. I will go through them and forward the list. Carper26
Posted on January 30, 2015 at 12:03 PM
Carper26 Hi Mike
I have scanned the the revised lists but don't seem to be able to send them as attachments. Any guidance?
Posted on January 31, 2015 at 7:47 PM
admin Hi Carper26, it will be the format they are saved in. I'll email you directly thanks.
Posted on January 31, 2015 at 11:20 PM
Nigel211259 Hi
I've downloaded these, unzipped onto a floppy disc but when I load them onto my GA-3 I get a message that they are not for my organ? am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for you help
Posted on February 06, 2015 at 6:01 PM
admin Hi Nigel,

This is strange,they should work because they have been tested by one of our Members who has a GA3. The only difference I can see is that he is loading off USB stick (he has replaced his floppy drive with a USB system). They are saved by EMC Styleworks in GA3 format. I'm going to check with that Member and get back to you, it doesn't sound as though you are doing anything wrong. I'll also download and check that I haven't linked to the wrong set of files. Be back to you asap. Mike
Posted on February 06, 2015 at 6:18 PM
admin Can you double-check a couple of things? Do the files all have "GA" in their name? Are you pressing "LOAD SINGLE COMPOSER PATTERN" to load them?
Posted on February 06, 2015 at 7:41 PM
admin Sorry - The FOLDERS in the zip should have GA in their names, not the files.
Posted on February 06, 2015 at 7:42 PM
Nigel211259 Hi Mike
The folders don't have GA in their names
I Tried renaming them but that didn't work
I'm having to take the files out of the folders for the organ to see them.
But I still get error 0
Posted on February 07, 2015 at 9:41 PM
admin Hi Nigel.

If the folders don't have GA in their names you've downloaded the wrong version. Try downloading again from this page. (yes you have to move them out of the folders to put them on disk) Cheers, Mike
Posted on February 07, 2015 at 10:05 PM
Nigel211259 Hi Mike
I have downloaded them again and all is good.
Could you ask the member with the usb conversion where he purchased it from?
Thanks for your help
Posted on February 09, 2015 at 9:30 PM
admin Hi Nigel,
I'm really glad it is working for you. Steve has promised to get in touch when he has a chance abot the USB drive. He's been in touch with (I think) the guy who fitted it for him. I don't think that fitting these things is so easy though. NOt so much the fitting as finding the one that has the correct compatibility I think.
Posted on February 10, 2015 at 10:58 PM
admin This message is for Carper26. I received your scans and I've gone back to them numerous times for checking but I'm not seeing the same results as you. In my file list the files match what is in the download. What version of Windows are you using? Some versions of Windows put files in numerical order instead of alphabetical. This results in files being in an unexpected order. All of the files are numbered from 01 to 20 in each folder. If Windows puts them in numerical order this will throw things out of sync. For example if you have a file called 018beat then it should be first in the list (01) but some versions of windows will put it 18th because it might list it in numerical order (018)
Posted on March 07, 2015 at 7:44 PM
KenC Hi Mike
I thought I would mention this ,it might save someones hair ! I have just spent the morning trying to get a working floppy for my GA3 , to cut this to a reasonable length I was using Windows Seven and kept getting 00error
not for this organ.
just before giving up I thought I would try writing the discs under win XP, success all working as they should.
I dont know if this is just my system or an issue with Windows Seven
All the best

Posted on August 16, 2015 at 3:04 PM
admin Hi Ken, wow, now that is interesting! Thanks for letting us know!
Posted on August 16, 2015 at 3:38 PM
derrick I have downloaded styles and songs for my GA3 but when I put my disc in the organ it says that it is empty and when I put the disc in my computer it shows every thing there.
am I doing something wrong.
Also most styles tell me that it is too large for a floppy and canot download.
Sorry about this Derrick
Posted on August 01, 2016 at 2:57 PM
jd5live Hi Derrick, when you transferred the folder containing the styles I suspect that you copied the folder complete to the disk, the way the Technics system works you have to transfer the contents of the folder to the disk, if you transfer the folder the instrument has no way of opening the folder,it has to have the files listed it will then should display on the screen.
Regards John.
PS please let me know if this solves the problem.
Posted on August 01, 2016 at 10:16 PM
temptechnics This is probably a ridiculously naive question, but how do I get the downloaded styles CMP files from my Mac to my GA-1? The only floppy disc drive I have is the one built into the organ. Do CMP files transfer over MIDI? Or how do I do this?

Thanks, JOHN
Posted on June 04, 2017 at 8:20 AM
jd5live Hi John Welcome to the site,when working with the organ you will a floppy drive attached to your laptop. The best way to do this is to obtain a USB floppy drive these are often for sale on the web for just a few Dollars,on Ebay you will often find them listed. I use a Sony unit with my PC. I do quite a lot of software for the KN range but also some for the Organs.
Best regards John Dawson aka Mr Ferret.
Posted on June 04, 2017 at 2:06 PM
temptechnics Thank you, John. That sounds a bit scary. I googled "Mac driver floppy disc" and the results were overwhelmingly from various forums, people discussing how their Macs won't recognize this-or-that brand of floppy disc. I don't know if that's the nature of google results (ie, people complaining) or if there is a statistical unlikelihood of a modern Mac successfully successfully connecting to an older floppy drive. Unless you say you've seen it work consistently, I guess I have some research ahead of me.
Posted on June 04, 2017 at 6:31 PM
jd5live Hi John, Mike who runs the site is extremely busy at the moment with his day job in the construction industry which means a lot of long hours. His son is the one who is the Mac specialist I will ask Mike if his son can have a look at this for you, he is at university doing music so he across things like this.
From My experience most USB floppy drive dives just plug and play but saying that I use a PC and Windows 7.
If and when we have more we will post
Regards John
Posted on June 04, 2017 at 8:15 PM
temptechnics Thanks, John. I did search eBay for such drives ... there are plenty and they're very inexpensive (brand new = $12US) and one even specifically referred to Macs in the list of supported computers. So I'll assume that there is at least one floppy drive out there for me - if not more. Probably no need to bother Mike's son with the question, unless he has authoritative information and has time to respond.

Just this morning I pulled the old GA1 out of the garage (caked with years of dust, took over an hour to clean it) and dissembled it so it could come up the stairs into my music room. I've been on a Hammond B3 for years, pretty boring with no accompaniments, and really wanted at least some drums to play along to, if not drums and guitar. It was either learn GarageBand, buy a Roland BK-7m, or make room again for the GA1. In the end, the GA1 won, so I'm back in the Technics game for the time being.
Posted on June 04, 2017 at 11:25 PM
jd5live Hi John, you are lucky to have a Hammond B3 to play, I used to have a Hammond H112 with the same sets of drawbars as the X66 that is 11 on the upper and 10 on the lower, and string bass 16'/8' 4 drawbars fantastic sound, but as I lived at home with my parents the Hammond H , B200 + 3 Lesie speakers Plus my Yamaha HS8 and synths which were for my work as a Multi keyboard specialist on the 1980's Yamaha range before becoming a Technics dealer, before the demise of the UK organ trade, Now been medically retired I enjoy Helping Technics players to enjoy their instruments.
Regards John.
P.S. where are you located ?
Posted on June 05, 2017 at 12:04 AM
temptechnics I'm in northern California.

I'm surprised to hear you refer to the "demise" of the UK organ trade. Organ are almost completely dead in the US, but I had always imagined the UK was the last holdout. I guess it's relative. In the US, it's 98% dead. In the UK, if it's 90% dead, it seems flourishing by comparison.

I'm on various organ forums, and so many responses to my questions come from the UK, so I always like to imagine there's still an organ in every other house over there.
Posted on June 06, 2017 at 5:28 AM
jd5live Hi John, Just wondered how you were getting on with the GA 1 now it's had its clean-up. Sorry I have not been intouch earler We have had quite a lot of Gremlins so Mike has been working like mad to sort out the faults. One thing that came to mind is that the KN2000 is the nearest instrument with the same type of sound/rhythm engine.The Composer files are the only ones that can be trasnfered at the moment, as the GA has a simular sound edit set-up the data may well be able to be used if only my means of manual input rather than by loading by disk the problem is that the GA's Sound file is a lot bigger than the one in the keyboards,even the KN7000's Sound file is not as large as the ones used in the Organs. If this is of interest to you I would advise you to look out for the booklet "Exploring The KN2000" it includes a more indepth look at the functions of composing,sound editting and sequencing. The book does come up on Ebay but is quite rare,when I get chance (some way down the line) I hope to look at producing a mini guide that will be useable on both KN keyboards as well as the GA and EA organ ranges
Best regards John.
Posted on June 22, 2017 at 12:24 PM
Farex13 Hello Everyone.
Can I put in my experience, after downloading and putting onto 14 Floppies using windows 10, my G100 would not recognise any of them, showing empty disks.
So I transferred them onto a Flash drive and put them into a windows XP computer, then I put them onto the Floppies using windows XP, they were then all readable in the G100.
I put this down to the file systems being different, the Windows 10 using NTFS and the XP being FAT32, but make sure you format the Floppies using the FAT file system, with the default file size button.
Hope this helps those who are having problems.
Posted on September 03, 2017 at 12:54 PM
SilverfoxUK Hi
Look to the age of the GA1 and GA3. At the time most floppies were formatted as 720k rather than the later default 1.44M. As Farex has stated you also need to be FAT32 file system.

You just get something nailed and someone comes along and helpfully moves the goal posts.
Posted on January 14, 2019 at 1:24 PM
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